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I want to pre-order the Civilization 5 deluxe edition on steam, I wanted to know the advantages and disadvantages to purchasing on steam. This inlcudes but is not limited to technical help, can i play off-line, is steam a very data intensive application, how does it work, if I uninstall windows can i get the games i paid for? Also what about patches etc i have heard steam has a very bad name and people can get quite emotional about it (lol).Also how does pre-ordering a game on steam work exactly???

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    Advantages to steam:

    - You can redownload games as many times as you want. They are tied to your account, buy 20 new computers and you can install it on all of them, you just have to log into your account and click install.

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    - Purchase a windows game and if you switch to a Mac down the line you can still install it if, if it is available on both platforms.

    - You can play in offline mode, you just click steam->go offline

    - Steam doesn't use much memory while it is running.

    - You can refund your order as long as it is still a preorder. I'm not sure if they actually charge you the moment you click preorder or wait until it unlocks - I never paid that much attention sorry.

    - Patches download automatically, for some older games that have been user patched and not officially patched they will still usually work - you can choose to turn off patching if you don't want to for some reason.

    - Great sales, cheapest digital distribution sales when they have them, up to like 90% off even at times.


    - Can't sell your games (you could work around this buy opening a new steam account for every game purchase then selling the account if you really wanted to)

    - You can only 1 have computer active at a time with your account. I have a bunch of games installed on my laptop, and a bunch on my PC but I can't turn both on and play at the same time.

    They have a technical help section but I've only used it for returns so I can't offer much help with info on that. Most games have a user forum setup and the users troubleshoot a lot of the problems themselves.

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    it is not sparkling if it particularly is used or no longer, even with the undeniable fact that it must be because of the fact somebody else already used the foremost for the two video games. if so, then you particularly basically have been given ripped off. i can't think of of the different reason different than that. Or, it particularly is because of the fact you probably did no longer activate it. Log into Steam, and bypass to "My video games." From there, bypass to "activate a Product on Steam..." Then, enter the product key and it might seem on steam.

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    the good things are: they cost less money than in a gaming store, you get it right away in your account however, the bad things could be that you do not have the cd, you don't have it orginally at home so it's not so comfortable when it comes to installing it on other pcs and if your account gets hacked, you lose the game, however u can retake it by proving it's your account... hope this helped luck!

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    steam is the network you play games you bought on

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