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I watched a movie about 10 -15 years ago, and i want to find out what it is?

okay so i was young, but i can roughly remember the film went something like :

there was a group of kids, teens, and they went to a fair or something, and did a sort of chant, and one of the girls vanished

like years later, someone thinks they are seeing the girl.

and they go around and try to talk to the people who did the chant, and find stuff out.

theres a vivid bit i remember, and like an old women is holding this girl under wayer with her walking stick.

but yeh in the end im pretty sure they bring the girl back.

such a random question, but i really want to see this movie, any ideas? please let me know,


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    The Watcher in the Woods (1980)

    IMDb review:

    Based on Florence Engel Randall novel, the film tells the story of an American family (David McCallum, Carroll Baker, Lynn-Holly Johnson, Kyle Richards) who move into a country cottage and make the acquaintance of their elderly next door neighbor (Bette Davis). Jan (Johnson), the oldest of the family's two daughters starts to notice some strange events in the surrounding woods~lights and unexplained sounds, which swiftly escalate into a series of unnerving visions and seemingly paranormal phenomenon. She comes to believe that these events are connected to Mrs. Aylwood's daughter, Karen (Katharine Levy), who vanished without trace several decades earlier. She eventually learns that an occult ritual carried out by the local children as a dare during a solar eclipse caused a portal to open to another dimension. Karen was sucked through, while an alien creature was deposited here, and both have been trapped ever since. With another eclipse fast approaching, the phenomena are the creature's attempts to persuade Jan and the original children, who now are middle-aged and still traumatized to varying degrees by their friend's disappearance, to recreate the events of that night so that the creature can return to its own dimension and rescue Karen.

    Here are a couple of movie trailers:

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