Don't you think that except Petrol,we have everything available at much cheaper cost than other many countries?

People in USA, Australia, UK etc. have to pay around Rs.5000-10000(in their currencies) per year for a single sports channel. We have all TV channels available at Rs.3000 per year. We enjoy cheapest call rates in the world. The present food inflation in India is recent thing due to some natural calamities, otherwise everything was much cheaper and is still cheaper than many other countries.

People having BPL card can get subsidized essential requirements too.

What's your say on this?

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    We actually cannot compare India with countries like USA, Australia, UK.

    I will gave you one example - In USA, a man with a car is a normal thing and even the poorest have it but in India car is still a luxury and not many people get it.

    So that is the different. The standard of living of Indians is quite low.

    At the moment, the prices of essential commodities are extremely high and the poor people cannot survive in such inflation.

    Think of what income people in foreign countries get. Against that income, Rs. 5000 is like nothing.

    One of my friend studies in London and his parents send money to him every month but for more assistance, he does the work of distributing newspapers.

    He gets 1500 pounds a month, if we convert that into rupees, it is around 1 lakh but still surviving on 1500 pounds in London is very very difficult.

    I hope you get the point.

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  • 10 years ago

    You have not taken into account the average income of individuals when comparing.

    Consider 800Euro Pe month ( Inr 44000 approx ) is the average low salary for a staff working full time i Europe.

    The average low salary is Inr 3000 per month in India.

    Did you take this into account while comparing the Cheapness?

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  • 10 years ago


    Forbes published an article featuring some of the cheapest countries in 2009 to see in the recession. According to their list based on dollar growth the 15 cheapest countries were:



    ◦Czech Republic





    ◦Norway (I’m not sure about this one!!! I hear it’s darn expensive in all of Northern Europe)


    ◦United Kingdom (Definitely NOT!)




    ◦Sweden (Errr, I don’t think so!)


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  • 10 years ago

    Transportation costs are cheaper in India. Howeevr another point to be noted: Petrol price is cheaper in pakistan..

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  • 10 years ago

    Agree with senthil. Our per capita income is very low, lower than china, brazil, RSA, mexico. Countries with high per capita income think of products they buy as cheap as they've high income.

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  • 10 years ago

    do not compare with other countries because INDIAN money is cheaper in other countries and indian money is expansive in INDIA. SO HOW THE PEOPLE can buy any thing with hard earned money.?it is better if they do not buy the cars and just buy only two wheelers. thanks.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


    Source(s): "In heaven all the interesting people are missing."
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  • MeoW
    Lv 6
    10 years ago

    income also less only!!!


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