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Need for Speed Most Wanted career?

Can you still play NFS Most wanted after you beat career? I mean like drive around in free roam w/ cops and still do races. I just wanted to know since I am not done with the game yet.

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    of course you can.

    you can play the game as many times as you want, even if you finish the career mode.

    there is a record called rap sheet, which ranks you among the blacklist, based on your performance for each item, like bounty racked up, damages caused, etc. to set your best record, you need to play the cop chases over and over again.

    the only things you CANNOT do again are doing the completed milestone events, final cop chase on heat level 6, and showdown with the blacklist members. you can redo all other races [even completed ones] to break your own track records and earn money for cosmetic or performance upgrades.

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