Best guitar loop pedal?

I recently purchased my first electric guitar (an Ibanez SA260FM) along with a Line6 Spider III 15W amp. I thought that since the amp already had good distortion (3 different types) and basic effects, I didn't need an effects pedal. Now I'm trying to find the a good loop pedal, but the problem is, I don't know anything about pedals... Can a loop pedal have other functions as well (such as distortion, effects, compression...)? Does it allow me to create something more complicated than a single loop (for example an AABA loop by recording the A loop and the B loop separately)? Do they come with a metronome?

Can you give an example of a cheap loop pedal?

Can you give an example of a more professional loop pedal with better features?

What model would you buy?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    There's a lot of loop pedals out there with different features and sound quality.

    The simplest ones to find are the BOSS ones, they make 3.

    Of those, the RC-2 is sort of a let down. But it gets the job done. The RC-50 is an absolute monster, it's the big boy of loopers and it's seriously awesome.

    Line 6 used to make a great one. I'm not familiar with their current looper.

    Most multi-effects units incorporate some kind of simple looper, but the sound quality of these is usually really poor (low bit-rates mostly)

    If you're really into looping, you need the RC-50. But a looper is in no way a requisite (or even that popular) item for your pedalboard.

  • Brenda
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    5 years ago

    BOSS Loop Station. The best loop pedal I've played.

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