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how do i convince people to become vegetarian?

ok, so almost all of us vegetarians know that the whole world could be feed if only we didn't waste our agricultural growth on livestock for meat and dairy, we also know that the world would be so dam fat if we didnt eat as much meat, and finally we all know that animals suffer too, so why are most people still eating meat? how can i convince people to stop eating meat?

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    I hate to sound mean, and maybe its just that most of the people who answered for you are too young to be considered intelligent, but I have to say, they sound stupid on many levels. Firstly, they try to make you sound like some sort of a fascist because you are trying to convince people that they should be vegetarian, which they should. When they say they will never stop eating meat, it sounds like they are either completely confused on what vegetarianism is and which foods vegetarians can eat, or they are almost like an addict, angry that you are taking away their fix.

    The problem is that people think of it as their food and they think people like you want them to starve or eat bland food every day. They are foolish in that because meat really isn't that great by itself anyways, hence the huge ailes of steak sauce fish seasonings etc. I have been vegan for a couple years and its great. There is no stepping down in quality of food taste. The food I eat tastes every bit as good as what I used to eat.

    If I were you, I wouldn't waste my time trying to convert everybody. Look for the ones that are a little brighter. They may just not know that vegetarianism is really an option. I didn't know for most of my life. Show them websites that are interesting and factual. Share some good foods with them and explain to them how much the animals suffer.

    Its pointless to try to explain something like this to people who can't get it after trying to explain it to them. They are damaged on this topic and it would be a waste of your energy and patience.

    Think about it. How did you learn about vegetarianism? It is completely understandable that people don't consider it if you think about it. I always thought that meat was food and everything else was unnessesary or only needed in very small amounts. I never ate as much dairy as most Americans do though. Even with close vegetarian friends, I never considered it. When I discovered the truth about how meat, dairy and eggs go from the animal to the dinner table, I realized that I had a moral choice to make. I made the one for veganism and only THEN did I discover how great it actually is. We are lucky in this because the vegan diet is actually the superior one in all ways EXCEPT convenience. That isn't the diets fault though. And by that I only mean that for a hot meal there are no Vegan Fast Food Places to go to.

    Veganism > Typical American Diet

    Source(s): Veganism > Typical American Diet
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    I agree with most of this person s logic but I feel differently about a little bit of it. I just wanted to say some about the person s arguments that addressed the items. On item 2# it is not just the fried and processed stuff, meat can also increase or cause many diseases and serious health issues. Now for item 3#, I agree that the population can be a problem but how would you feel if the government all of a sudden decided to send out a group of people to kill a mass amount of people? I certainly don t think that that is right but that is how we treat the animals. We say that it is ok that we kill all of these chickens how ever we want just because there are more of them than people in the world. If it were switched around and we just hung up other humans upside down, dragged them through boiling water, and slit their throats before they were even completely dead people would go berserk (I would too though). Not to mention all of the chickens laying eggs where the baby chickens have to open their eyes to their own population being treated like this? Sorry, I feel very strongly about this, I know you are already almost vegan but I felt like ranting :).

  • "Further more, what do you do when animals start to over populate. What do you do with them then? They will just rot, and be wasted." LOL. We are the ones breeding them like CRAZY to keep up with the demand. That's one of the silliest things, they will not overpopulate.

    "I hate people like you, trying to shove your beliefs down everyones throats. Leave people alone." I hate it when people are ignorant. But this person has a point. Pushing stuff on people isn't going to help. I think it just makes them dig their hills even more. As you know lead by example and encourage others but don't point the finger. Help others become aware if they ask questions about your lifestyle but accept that some aren't going to care no matter what facts you present.

    You can be involve in activism. The animals really do need our help!!!!! Check out and maybe help leaflet.

    Don't give up just b/c people tell you can't change the world. Imagine if no one ever did anything about cruelty and injustice. Focus your energy where it is productive not on people who just don't want to change or care. Its their choice after all.

    The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

    —George Bernard Shaw

    @Jesse M Actually the environment argument, is a good argument. The billions of animals we breed for food take up so many resources. Not to mention the intensive factory farming is causing a big percentage of our pollution. A plant-based diet is way more efficient. But even if people just reduced their meat consumption it will benefit all.

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    Hmm, sounds to me like you posted this to do just that. ;-)

    Okay, let me address your argument:

    Item #2: Less fat if we'd stop eating so much meat.

    I agree. We also need to avoid so much fried and processed stuff, but yes, you're right on that. So yes, that argument works.

    Item #3: Suffering of animals. True, but that won't work on everyone. There are many who argue, and I'm not sure where I stand on that argument, that some species of animals would overproduce in such massive quantities if they weren't hunted, and the result of the overpopulation is that many of them would starve to death which is decidedly more painful than a quick slaughter.

    Item #1 Depletion of agriculture: I left this for last because it's your worst argument. Unless you're proposing that you kill all animals but not eat them so that they won't mess with agricultural growth, I'm not sure what point you're making here. Do you understand why I said that? If animals exist on this planet, whether they are commercially raised for food or not, they're going to eat what it is in their nature to eat, so the only way they're not going to deplete agriculture is if there are no animals. If they aren't killed, they'll reproduce in greater numbers, and eat more grass, more trees, more growing veggies, so....I'd toss this whole argument if I were you.

    Okay, so now that I've said that, what's the reason you can't just do your thing and not convince everyone else to become vegetarian? Do you appreciate it when they try to convince you to NOT be a vegetarian? I mean, it's okay to express your views when the subject comes up, but the agenda...respect free will, y'know? I'm about 95% vegan, and I'll eat 5% of less of fish. I don't feel the need to campaign to convince others unless they ask me about it.


    I have a thumbs down. It is sad, but I find that only vegans/vegetarians and Christian fundamentalists thumbs down people who are on the same side of the argument/belief system as they themselves are, because they dare to disagree on certain aspects of it. I was just verbally attacked and personally insulted by someone I tried to help on another question because she disagreed with an aspect of how I live MY life with regard to eating. It's disgustingly arrogant.

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    Let's make a deal: I will give you a dollar which you can use for your "Everyone should be a vegetarian" campaign for every meal that you eat with meat. That way I would be convinced that you are so dedicated to your cause, you would do anything to see it through. 365 days a year, 3 meals a day, you would raise a little over $1000 easy from just one "contributor".. Enough money to produce a propaganda video or print flyers

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    Everyone should think that we are also animals.. and plzz imagine that if someone cut our heads off and deepfry in a container and eat us... then whats your feeling on that ... its heartbreaking.. for us .. then it is the same situation for animals.. i am vegetarian and i dont want that anyone change their meal but think .. plzz we should start a propaganda to stop eating animals..

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    You shouldn't try to convince people to change but let them realize it on their own. I don't think I would have listened to anyone when I was a meat eater. It took me researching on why people go veg to make me change..someone trying to change me wouldn't have had the same effect.

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    I'll never be convinced. You might wanna be less aggressive and just lead by example and only talk about how great you feel as opposed to demonizing us omnivores/carnivores as slothful and environmentally unfriendly.

    The obesity issue isn't just related to meat eaters but by people eating cheap, processed foods and living sedentary lifestyles. There are plenty of meat eaters that have healthy weights.

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    You can convince people to go vegetarian but if they don't want to change their ways then just let them be.

    It's better to have some people go vegetarian than no one go vegetarian.

    Just do what you can! :)

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    Lead by example, and they will convince themselves.

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