What is a good space to rent for working on projects?

I'm a guy who likes to build things. My house has no garage or basement or anything. I need a place to work on my car and to finish the surfboard that I am building. I thought of getting one of those Public storage places, but they can be kind of pricey. Any suggestions?

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    You can look on Craigslist for a garage near you to rent, or buy one of those tarp carports if it would be suitable for your purpose.

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    Build yourself a temp shed. You could do it with plastic conduit and tarp depending on how much sun you get and if you have a yard/parking spot that you can run your car in. If you need height, form an arch at the top with a three way 90 degree connector and run a spine across the top. You should run "feet" across the bottom. The building wouldn't be permanently anchored, so you wouldn't need a building permit. This all hinges on whether you have the space, of course.

    If you live near a marina, sometimes they have boat-building/boat-maintenance rental areas. A storage area would work and I've seen people do that, but you'd have to be a little concerned about ventilation. I've heard of people using abandoned buildings (old schools/apartments/etc) for lofting just so long as they interacted with the realtor first. If you live in an area that's dumping schools and turning them into apartments, you might get a few months of free space.

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    I would just check your local paper in the classifieds and see if anyone has a building or shop to rent. I would think you would want a garage some day and if you have the land that would be the thing to start on first, your " Man-cave" Just make it plenty large to hold all the stuff you want to build and keep in it. Hope this helps.

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    Look for what is called "virtual offices" search google. I've heard of a place called Davinci suites and Avanti suites. They let you pay by the hour.

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