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What would the sergeant in Starship Troopers, played by Michael Ironside, do to the,...?

,...McDonald's grill cook if he went to McDonald's, ordered a 20-piece nugget, counted the nuggets to make sure he got all 20 of them, but realized the grill cook only gave him 19 of them?


1) He purposely broke a cadet's arm and he yelled, "Medic!"

2) He told a cadet to put his hand against a flat wall, and then he purposely threw a knife at his hand and it went right through his hand and he yelled "Medic!"

3) He ordered a cadet to his death by telling him to take a high road, where a winged insect picked him up and instead of shooting the insect with that sniper rifle saving his life, he purposely instead shot him instead, which was like adding insult to injury. If he had such a perfect aim, he could've shot the insect in the right place and saved his life, but he didn't.

So that being said, seeing as how the grill cook didn't count the nuggets properly and therefore shorted that Michael Ironside sergeant a chicken nugget, what would that Michael Ironside sergeant do to him for his mistake on the job?

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    You're confusing the roles of the people in the movie. Michael Ironside played Lieutenant Rasczak. He didn't intentionally order someone to his death but just like in real life some orders you give may cause someone to get hurt or killed unintentionally. He shot the trooper to put him out of his misery because he was already as good as dead but was just suffering at that point (mercy killings are illegal now but I'm guessing in the movie they were fine). The drill instructor you mentioned in the first two examples was played by Clancy Brown.

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