Starting problem for 87 sportster?

I have a 5 prong starter relay. I jumped the 30/51 and the 87 and it cranks but doesn't start? I replaced the 15 amp fuse and the starter relay but I still just get a clicking from the fuse? What else can I check to find out what is wrong with this thing? Where do the other 3 wires go? Also, where is the solenoid and coil located at? Thanks

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  • 10 years ago
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    The 86 wire is a ground under rear brake line clamp on frame,

    88 Black wire goes to starter switch on handle bar,

    30 orange wire goes to ACC fuse,

    87 green wire goes to starter

    87a not used

    email me I can send you the drawing

  • 3 years ago

    You effective the ignition aint only moist Or a lead twine shorted out of your %. up OOPs didnt see the aint moist yet im no longer commencing over effective sounds like a form of like the guy mentioned an air leak there aint plenty which will act like that sprat WD 40 around the mating factors see if it differences tone or revs up somewhat could spray some on you module & coil just to make me sense greater useful Ha Ha

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