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starting a baseball card collection?

I was looking at the brand names for baseball cards recently and I was wondering who makes the best one. I used to have an UpperDeck baseball card collection but I saw some Topps and Opening Day cards there and was wondering if those are better or worse. Any input would be appreciated.

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    I am not that updated anymore, but typically the best one is considered Topps. They usually have some pretty good cards, and I would recommend getting the big packs. Upper Deck is pretty good too. But it seems now that baseball card stores are starting to shut down which stinks. Anyway, good luck with your collection.

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    There really is only two card companies at the moment - Topps and Upper Deck. They have both purchased the rest of the companies (Fleer, Donruss, O-Pee-Chee, Bowman, etc).

    Starting with this year, Topps got the exclusive contract to do cards with the MLB. Even though that is the case, Upper Deck still put out baseball cards - they just couldn't use any MLB trademarks.

    They both put out tons of different series, and each has there own subsets (ie. Topps has put out their regular set, Opening Day, Signature Series, Heritage, Exclusive)

    So there really is no "best" one, but you need to look at price and what cards look nice to you. The cheapest are the Topps Opening Day - they use the same pictures that the regular and chrome sets use, but do not have a glossy finish and have a smaller set (220 cards compared to 660).

    Or you can go extreme high priced Topps Triple Threads which goes for around $200 per box - which contains TWO packs - each pack has SIX cards.

    Another thing to consider is that Steven Strasburg signed an exclusive contract with Topps, so the only way to get a Strasburg rookie card is through a topps product (Bowman was the first one)

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    FYI Upper Deck lost its baseball and football liscense this year so this is the last year for both...The 2010 Upper Decks do NOT have team names on them or any reference to the MLB just city names. Go for Topps Series one has some cool inserts (When they were young, Pie in the face) Series 2 are easier to find now but both have Million Card giveaway redemption cards which you enter a code at toppsmillion.com and unlock MINT vintage cards from as early as 1952... Bowman's are good too (owned by Topps) but since the Strasburg hype you are going to pay a lot for them. Also beware of buying at retail stores due to pack searchers that can feel the auto's and jersey cards Hobby shops you will get much better pulls hope this helped!

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