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Northern food and Southern food?

I know north and south us foods can be very different! Im from sc, myself and love boiled peanuts, grits ect. (but im allergic to fish so i can't eat those or shrimp or crab)

What are all the northern foods? like i know they call oatmeal hot cereal. wich to me is wierd.. and for all you northerners what would you call actualy hot cereal?? :p

but anyway, what are your opinions on these foods to?

sorry if this is confuzing


And yes, mini wheats are good heat up: http://demianrepucci.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/1... and sometimes i heat up my lucky charms thank you very much

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    I live in PA and don't call oatmeal hot cereal. It's oatmeal... than there's cream of wheat.... etc.

    I've had pumpkin seeds cooked in the same format as boiled peanuts... but never boiled peanuts. Something about wet peanuts.... I guess you have to try it before you judge it. I feel I needed more salt in the water... quite addicted to the white mineral for sure.

    I'm not sure I've ever had grits... but I have had gumbo. Can't say I liked it. I prefer a nice bisque or a chowder. I like the taste of seafood... not covered up by spicy seasonings.

    Personally, I like to heat up grape nuts with some milk... and honey. I guess that's the version of hot cereal in my mind.

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    I'm from Maine and some traditional foods are: Baked beans, Boiled dinner (Ham shoulder boiled with carrot, onion and turnip..sometimes potatoes) We also like things like pickled eggs and pickled keilbasa if we are in a drinking mood :)) Baked, steamed and fried local seafood is also very popular. One really wierd northern food is Crown Pilot crackers - which are crushed up and eaten like cereal with milk - I don't care for it but I think it was based on sailors hardtack rations.

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    You do realize that cereal actually means food grain, right?

    And I've never met anyone who heats up Lucky Charms, so the point is moot. There's huge regional variation in food across North America. It's not just a North-South thing.

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    In Canada, which is pretty Northern, we pretty much have the English diet (unfortunately).

    Meat and potatoes and recipes from cookbooks. Nothing weird ;)

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