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Looking for a book (time was medieval):?

A man goes to a castle and is promised a wife, but the dad tricks the man by giving him the daughter that is a healer, she also has a scar on her face that she hides from him with her hair. Her maid finally tells the man that she got it when she was attacked in the stables and had to sew herself up.

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    Northlander (Tales of the Borderlands) (Paperback)

    by Meg Burden

    Editorial Reviews

    From Booklist

    Peril and prejudice threaten a young healer-in-training in this promising fantasy. Although Southlings are treated with open contempt in the Northlands, a surreptitious plea for their help brings teenaged Ellin, the narrator, and her learned father over the border to heal the desperately ill Northlands king. Against their wills, Ellin and the king’s five grown sons find themselves liking each other, and Ellin discovers that she can talk with them mind to mind. She also comes to realize that her unusual gifts extend to psychic healing and to the ability to control the actions of others. Giving Ellin a lively character and the resilience to survive physical dangers and devastating personal losses, Burden places her in a conventional, well-ordered setting, supplies a sturdy supporting cast and—an unusual touch—replaces the customary sorts of villains with people who resort to violent deeds out of innocence or good intentions. Although billed as the series opener for Tales of the Borderlands, this stands alone so well that it’s hard to see what’s coming next. Grades 5-8. --John Peters


    The author's careful attention to everyday details builds a richly believable fantasy world with a medieval flair. A strong heroine, Ellin matures as the narrative progresses. There is plenty of action, danger, and page-turning suspense, and issues of prejudice and persecution are well handled. Science-fiction fans will appreciate the threat of mind control as a weapon. A satisfying ending with a hint of future romance will have readers eagerly awaiting the sequel.

    -Quinby Frank, Green Acres School, Rockville, MD,

    -School Library Journal, February 2008

    "Burden displays exceptional skill in simply stated characters and scenes that leave the reader room for imagination. The book is well-written and feels like a real, believable story throughout. My husband and I both read the book, and we both found the scene where the lead character saves a foal during birthing very touching. It is heartening that she could turn the heart of more than one young man with this simple, thoughtful deed in the face of thoughtless racism."

    -Lillian Brummet

    Curled up with a Good Kid's Book 2007

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    Welcome on the board, Sargon.

    Designing a good medieval combat game is music to my ears. What is available thus far is not that great in quality.

    The subject is complex, with much room for study. This board has a seperate forum called 'medieval warfare', where any and all questions are welcome.

    To start, there are a few books that are very basic fare: Delbrück and his 'Geschichte der Kriegskunst', Verbruggen with 'The Art of Warfare in Western Europe during the Middle Ages', and Keegan's 'a History of Warfare'. The latter I have not been able to look at though. These books are nice to start with for an outline, although there is much in them that is subject to interpretation. This is not a fault of the writers, but unfortunately the nature of the subject.

    To go into some of the points you touch:

    Listing the weapons of the combatants is only useful inasfar it defines what tasks they are suited to undertake. A light spearman from 750 AD is probably equal to a light spearman from 1400 AD, even though their gear may have changed a little. However, heavy cavalry from 1300 and 1350 show definite differences which make the older rider much less useful. The earlier light spearman will not notice this difference -he is extremely vulnerable to either- but the two riders pitted against each other will show the difference. (What this meandering paragraph is supposed to mean is that the precise weapons do not matter as much as many people assume.)

    'Full plate armour' is a vague term, but I assume you mean either the cap à pied plate or the transitional harness, which encases its wearer in steel. This type of harness was a typical horsemans set. Dismounted knights -which existed as a troop type- would not wear the whole shebang. This amount of armour would sap the life out of a man if he had to do his own walking.

    If you are interested in when what armour and what weapon were used in what configuration, I can only give you one single advice: pick apart historical battles. It is hard work, but the only way to get to the information.

    Each of the weapons you mention (flails, war hammers, maces, crossbows, bows, pole arms, spears) have been discussed extensively on this board, and merit their own discussion, since there is much that influences a battle about their proper use. I urge you to use the search function on the board to find your way.

    Finally, let me plug my own pet threads to you: medieval warfare game, which should give you some ideas!

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    Book: Lost In Time: A Medieval Adventure( Series - Spongebob Squarepants )

    Based on the episode to air on Nickelodeon in February. After an accident while dining at the Medieval Times restaurant, SpongeBob and Patrick are transported to a medieval version of Bikini Bottom and are mistaken for knights. Full color.

    SpongeBob and Patrick were enjoying a lovely feast at Medieval moments restaurant when they were chosen to fight in the royal joust. After a freak accident, SpongeBob and Patrick find themselves back in medieval times where they are mistaken for great knights and sent to rescue the princess from the evil, one-eyed lord's jellyfish dragon Can SpongeBob and Patrick save the princess? Will they ever return to Bikini Bottom?

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    i could additionally advise any books with the aid of Bernard Cornwell. once you're after something approximately King Arthur his books are remarkable. i do no longer probable understand any books set in medieval time of the right of my head yet i've got examine Rangers Appretice and books with the aid of Alison Croggon and in spite of the undeniable fact that i'm unsure regardless of if or no longer they're set interior the Medieval era they do have some aspects of it. they're all fantsy books however. i could additionally advise The Iron Lance with the aid of Stephen Lawhead yet when I regarded on the blurb its set on the tome of the Crusades so i'm unsure in case you would be interested in analyzing it. desire this has helped slightly

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    ntimate Enemies 2000 ISBN: 0-553-58199-6

    I love books that are set in Scotland, and this one was excellent. It's about Lauren MacRae who becomes the leader of her clan after her father is killed. She goes to her enemy, Arion du Morgan for help in protecting her homeland from invaders. They both join up together to fight the invaders, even tho people on both sides are against the two teaming up. They both love the land they are protecting, Arion will risk everything he has to protect what is his...including Lauren. Lots of excitement in this book . This is the first book I have read by this author, and I am looking forward to reading some of her other books.

    Date of review: Jan. 2001

    thevalleytwinstars .jpg - 957 BytesRoxi Ashe

    spell .jpg - 5745 BytesSpell Weaver 1999 ISBN:0-8439-4649-0

    Lady Taras is a healer, she makes potions and medicines for people. When the love potion she made for Sir Osric turns him into a frog, the King comes up with a brilliant plan. He will get Taras to make some more of her potion, and give it to their most feared enemy, a Viking enemy by the name of Cynewulf. But when Taras gets there and meets this enemy, she finds out that he is not what she thinks he is and is having some trouble giving him the potion, espically when she finds out that the potion is a sham and never transformed anyone into a frog. Taras must rely on another kind of magic to when over the Viking... .love! This was a good book, and I think you will find it a good read.

    Date of review: June 2001

    thevalleytwinstars .jpg - 957 BytesMadeline Baker

    reckless - 5679 BytesReckless Embrace 2002 ISBN: 0-7439-5080-3

    Joey (Josephine) McBride owns a vacant building that Samuel Kincaid (Black Owl) wants to rent out and start his veterinary hospital. From the first moment he saw Joey, he was drawn to her. But with him being half-white, he didn't expect much a chance with her, or with his hospital. Joey was instantly drawn to Black Owl, and didn't think it was right for the two of them to get involved. But the more time she spent with him and the better she got to know him and his family.. .she had fallen in love with him. She couldn't belive it when Black Owl told her he felt the same way about her. But she knew the people in town and her family would give them a hard time. Can she just give up and walk away from him without even trying? Can love really conquer all? Very good book!

    Date of review: Nov. 2002

    thevalleytwinstars .jpg - 957 BytesMary Balogh

    one night .jpg - 7573 BytesOne Night for Love 1999 ISBN:0-440-22600-7

    Neville Wyatt is the Earl of Kilbourne, and he is about to get married when his first wife, Lily, whom he thought was dead, comes walking down the aisle. He was only married to Lily one night, before he saw her get shot on a battlefield in Portugal. He has always loved her and thought she was gone from him forever. Lily doesn't fit in with Neville's world, she has no idea on how to be or even act like a Countess, so she leaves Neville and lives with his Aunt as her companion, who teaches Lily everything she needs to know to get along in society. When she sees Neville again, she still loves him but wants a him to be with a woman who will make him proud. All Neville wants is Lily. .he will never stop loving her, but can he convince her that she is all that he needs? This was a really good book...I couldn't put it down.

    Date of review: June 2001

    thevalleytwinstars .jpg - 957 BytesElaine Barbieri

    hawk .jpg - 5349 bytesHawk 1999 ISBN:0-8439-4646-6

    Iron Hawk met and fell in love with one of the rancher's daughters by the name of Eden, but her father drove them apart. Now a few years later, Iron Hawk takes his revenge by kidnapping Eden and her son. But Iron Hawk can't deny that whatever he felt for Eden is long gone, and she can't deny that her feelings have gone either. Will they both make the move and try to salvage their relationship? Very good book.

    Date of review: July 2001

    thevalleytwinstars .jpg - 957 BytesJill Barnett

    wonderful .jpg - 5409 BytesWonderful 1997 ISBN:0-671-00412-3

    Merrick de Beaucourt has come to Camrose Castle to marry his betrothed Lady Clio of Camrose. She has been waiting 6 years for him in a convent, but she has learned how to brew ale and convinces Merrick to let her be the brewmaster. Clio wants her marriage to Merrick to be magical. Will it be? Very good book.

    Date of review: Sept. 2001

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    Go to and enter as much information as you can.

    Go to and enter as much information as you can.

    Then request it from your local library


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