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? asked in 社會及文化語言 · 10 years ago

My Summer Vacation in Japan

you went to Tokyo and Osaka with your family this summer holiday.

you wrote a postcard to your friend,Emily.Some of the words in the

postcard are missing.Fill in the postcard with suitable words to tell her

about you vacation in Japan.


It is 2,_____to write to you.We started our journey

3,_____Honk Kong to Japan tow days 4,_____.We are

now 5,_____at a local hotel 6,_____Tokyo.

Tokyo 7,_____really a nice city.There 8,_____many

things to see and do in Tokyo.We 9,_____Rainbow

Bridge and Fish Market yesterday.They are very 10,_____

scenic spots not only in Japan but also in the 11,_____.

I visited some shopping centres and chose a 12,_____

for you and I hope you like it.We also 13,_____some seafood

and vegetables at the Maket.They are very 14,_____.

We are 15,_____to Osaka tomorrow and will 16,_____

there for 3 days.Then we 17,_____back to Hong Kong.

18,_____you soon.



2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    1) Dear

    2) nice

    3) from

    4) long*

    5) living*

    6) in

    7) is

    8) are

    9) saw

    10) good*

    11) Osaka*

    12) gift

    13) bought*

    14) fresh*

    15) going

    16) stay

    17) come

    18) see

    19) 你個英文名


    Source(s): 我自己個腦~_~
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  • Tammy
    Lv 4
    10 years ago

    1) Dear

    2) delightful

    3) from

    4) straight

    5) living

    6) in

    7) is

    8) are

    9) went to

    10) exquisite

    11) island (*this doesn't really make sense)

    12) present

    13) bought

    14) fresh and mouth-watering

    15) going

    16) stay

    17) go

    18) See

    19) (your name)

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