Why play Electric Bass?

Why do people choose to play bass? Thats like choosing to sit in a corner, be quiet and pretend like your doing something i mean you can hardly hear a bass over a guitar, drum, and singer so whats the point of having one i mean people hardly ever remember the names of bass players let alone pay any attention to them and bass players just sit in the back playing 4 to 8 notes over and over and over again. So why would someone want to play bass and not just play guitar? and why do people say bands need bassist?

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    you must not listen to any red hot chili peppers, rush, victor wooten, ect. if you listen to things like hannah montana (just for a example) you wont hear the bassist cause he sucks and is original. also bassist that have tallent dont all play the same notes over and over again ....... listen to this.


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    Then it seems you know absolutely nothing about musical composition.

    The basses, although they generally do not have melody, are important in a band (guitar, orchestral, concert, marching, steel, jazz, or otherwise) because they provide the fundamental chords upon which the upper instruments play upon. Because they are played at a lower frequency than the upper instruments, the sound spectrum is filled with a wide range of sounds, allowing for a fuller, rich tone.

    That's the difference between listening to say, a choir, filled with only sopranos, who sing in a very narrow, upper range, as opposed to the sound that a full choir can make.

    ADD: There's a reason why guitarists play chords over playing just single notes: to obtain that fuller, richer sound. Can you imagine listening to a band where the lead guitarist plucks one string throughout the whole song? It would sound flat and uninteresting. Add in even two-note chords, and you start getting an amazing sound.

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    Watch this is a YouTube video... The bassist is Flea. He has revolutionized your stereotypical description of a bass player in a band who sits back and plays simple riffs. Watch Flea and tell me he is quiet and sitting in a corner. He is clearly the centre of the moment. All I’m going to say is this song is both physically and mentally, painful hard. Some artists don't need bassists, but when it comes to psychedelic-funk-rock, you better make sure your band has a darn good bassist.

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    something needs to keep the beat with the drum set.. since im a drummer, i played bass, snare, and set.... the band always has to have someone keeping the beat. that is actually the most important thing because when someone first learns any type of instrument especially drums, they have to learn rhythm and keeping the beat.

    hope i helped =]

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    i know several bands that would sound freaking retarded without a bassist, and believe me their bass parts are insane.

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