1975 Triumph Spitfire electrical question?

I'm trying to troubleshoot an electrical problem and after intensive review of the wiring diagram i realized that everything leads to "Smiths module." What is Smiths Module and where can i find it in the car?

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    Are you in a British car club? A Triumph club? If there is one near you you will probably be better off joining it, as you can get quick answers from people that have faced the same problem. As far as the "Smith's Module" it is probably a main relay box in the electrical system. You might want to get a maintenance manual on the car to read up on the electrical system. I know something about Jaguars, but am no expert on Triumphs. (But I can say that most English cars used to have electronic systems made by Lucas Electronics. The Chairman of Lucas was referred to by British car hobbyists as "The Prince Of Darkness" due to the fact they were so unreliable.) You want to stay away from Haines and Chilton publications, as they give you just enough info to get into trouble, and then nothing at all to help you get out of it plus a lot of their content is simply wrong. You should be able to find an original Triumph manual on E-Bay, or if you join a local club, someone may have one they can lend you. The best thing you can do with those Chilton's, Haines, or Clymer manuals is use them as a wheel chock. Good luck.

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    I trust Adam B and would only upload that different than for some intresting intake roar,except you have performed or are pondering doing slightly extensive engine mods,installation weber carbs ie a pair of DCOE's is a waste of time,and money.

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