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Are you proud of the state of Iowa for doing the right thing?

In the Republican primary for Governor,

there were 3 candidates in the race;

Terry Branstad

Bob Vander Plaats

Rod Roberts

Plaats & Roberts are so obsessed with one issue and one issue only:


Terry Branstad is more concerned with the budget and job creation.

Guess who got the nomination?

Terry Branstad.

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    None of which issues they legally have the ability to effect.

    By law and constitution, governors do not makes laws, they execute them.

    Governors cannot do the budget because only the legislature takes care of the financial budgeting, it is the governors job to ensure the budgets are carried out.

    GOvernors cannnot create laws which ban gay marriage, which is an idiotic problem anyway. What we should be doing is separating church and state by separating civil union and marriage which is really the civil rights issue anyway. Only religion can create gay marriage, which is really a choice issue there. Anyways I'm digressing.

    Governors cannot create jobs, nor can the state legislature, although they can cut regulations (the leg can not the governor) and taxes (again only the leg can do that) so that companies have some freed up money to spend on streamlining their operations and allowing them to keep or expand their employment issues.

    Governors CAN however, encourage cutbacks on taxation and regulation, the severity of mixing of church and state and civil rights denials that civil union and marriage being the same creates.

    OH I KNOW, the governor CAN also encourage more people to join the National Guard overwhich he is the commander in chief, thus creating more jobs. Of course then, For the sake of the conspiracy theorists out there, he will have to find some "natural" disaster to keep them busy.

    I know we all think that the president (or governor) is some great position in the government. It is not. It holds no real power except in veto. And executing the law. Not much more, but influence and encouragement.

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  • moton
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    3 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Iowa is on the fault line between rural liberal states like Wisconsin and Vermont and terrible backwards con states like Nebraska

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  • 10 years ago

    Once the budget and jobs are created, watch how fast those hicks start swinging gays.

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  • 10 years ago

    Anybody that is a strict constitutionalists will know that gays can marry. The bell of freedom must ring.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    watch them call him a RINO

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