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If you pick up an ant(insect) and carry it 30 miles does it try to get back home to its nest or does it go joi?

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    it'll look for its way home very lost. And will die in the end.

    Different colonies of ants will not allow another species or outside ant to join

    Source(s): bees will die wasps will dies. But a solitary insect will just makee a new home in a new location
  • akluis
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    1 decade ago

    without a scent trail it will attempt to simply get the same direction bearing and repeat the same number of steps...but this will of course fail. (they did an experiment like this where they glued a hair on the end of each ant's leg to make their steps take them twice as far. Ants ended up going way past their home)

    no other ant nest will have it, it will die.

    but then worker ants don't last very long anyways.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If it finds the same kind of ants, it joins them. If it ends up in the territory of a different kind of ant, they will pull it apart immediately.

  • rutty
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    4 years ago

    does no longer it purely be 17 miles. I recommend even without the equation, its 34 miles consistent with hour, for 0.5 an hour, so 34 / 2. Or with the equation D = 34 X 0.5 = 17. So yeah, the superb answer is 17. yet that seems fairly undemanding, so consistent with risk i'm doing it incorrect

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