What would you expect from a spy book?

Ok so what would you expect from a spy book?

Also, this is my plot. what do you think of it? So theres this girl named Larissa. the book starts with her mom disappearing. Then it continues with her noticing that there is always someone following her. She then goes to Miami to this sorority(i made it up) called Pi Psi Beta which gives them meetings and classes to find there inner beauty and become really social with people and learn how to care. So theres classes(most of the book is about the sorority) When she gets a roommate she finds out about spies and she becomes one. (by the way she never met her dad) At the end her mom is a bad agent and they confront. (but that is in the last books in the series). So most of my first book is about the sorority so i dont know how to twist the plot around so the book is worthy of being called "SPY BOOK" instead of "NORMAL LIFE OF A TEENAGER WHICH HAPPENS TO THEM BE A SPY" Any ideas??


I changed my mind about the sorority being most of the book. SO in the beginning she finds out her mom disappeared(possibly kidnapped) and then she goes to Miami to forget(she meets a spy and the spy recruited her) she then goes on her 1st mission(need an idea on her first mission) Also i need major help on the Title. I was thinking Alias but thats the title of another series. So what else can be the title??

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    What is normally expected from a spy book is intrigue, travel, danger, high-class characters operating in the world of the rich and powerful, and an intricate knowledge of firearms, explosives, traps, electronics, and gadgets.

    There should be constant danger: even when in the grocery store, some bad guy is watching the spy, and there is a chance of death.

    Real spies are well-educated, often can speak several languages, and are recruited out of college.

    I knew a young man who ended up working for a covert agency, and he was at the top of his graduating class at the university, and spoke three rather uncommon languages.

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  • 10 years ago

    From a spy book I expect suspense and action. That's about it. And of course spies! lol. Your plot sounds good except there are plot holes. For instance, HOW does she become a spy? If it is indeed mostly about the sorority then I'm not sure it would be considered a spy book.

    Also, I'm not sure if you have enough plot for a whole s series. But it could be good. It all depends on the characters and writing quality. Good luck!

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