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Who knows what guam is like?

My mom is a traveling doctor and she is applying for a job in guam, does anybody know what it is like if she got the job? Like are the schools good and are the people nice? thanks!

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    Guam is an AWESOME place!

    Guam is a real tropical paradise. Great beaches, great sunny weather.

    Guam's slogan is "Where America's day begins."

    It is the first place in the United States to have a new day. Guam is always a day ahead of the U.S. mainland and Hawaii.

    Guam is often called "America's best kept secret."

    Tourism is the main industry. Tourists come from Asia -- mainly Japan -- to enjoy the tropical paradise.

    People in Guam are super friendly, hospitable and kind. Guam is very a family-friendly place. It's a great place to raise a family.

    The total population is only 180,000. And the island is very small -- 3 times larger than the District of Columbia -- so people are not separated by much distance. This makes Guam a close-knit community.

    Being part of the United States, the school system is exactly the same as in the rest of the country. Same curriculum, same culture, etc.

    I've been quite impressed with the public schools here on Guam. Like any place in the U.S., public schools often get a bad rap, but I can say from personal experience that the Guam public schools are quite good. I was/am impressed.

    Like all American public schools, the public schools here can't reject students like private schools and so the public schools must deal with who they get. That's just the nature of American public schools. And of course if you prefer private schools, there are many here to choose from.

    The culture of Guam is "American." Everything from music to TV to the way of thinking is "American."

    Each place in America has its own unique local culture, while at the same time having a common "American culture." For example, the culture in Missouri is different than the culture of

    California, which is different from Texas, and so on. Even within a state there are different cultures. For example, life in a city is culturally different than life in a rural area.

    So Guam has its own unique local culture, just as every place in America has its own unique local culture, but the overall culture of Guam is "American," just as the overall culture of any place in America is “American.”

    Guam is super racially and culturally diverse. A real melting pot! It is among the most racially and culturally diverse places in the country. Guam is a super multicultural place.

    Guam is not a foreign country, nor a semi-foreign country. It is America. When your in Guam your in the United States of America.

    Living on Guam is like living on one of the non-Oahu islands of Hawaii. Hawaii is made up of many islands and the island of Oahu has the big city of Honolulu. So living on Guam is not like living on Oahu as there is no big city on Guam. So Guam is like the Hawaiian islands, except for the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

    Guam's a fantastic place to live!

    Many people who move to Guam with the plan to only stay a short time end up settling down and staying here permanently.

    If you move here I highly recommend taking up scuba diving.

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    If your white you will be treated not very well. chammores are afraid and scared of white people because we are generally taller the average chammoro is only 5 feet tall and 200 lbs. the women are forced to have sex with there cousins and uncles its a island thing they marry there own sisters to keep family property in the family and they don't believe in bathing everyday but they are very good at climbing trees

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    I was born and raised on Guam and lived here most of my life.

    Schools: public education sucks. Little to no resources for teachers and students. Most schools are old and facilities are falling apart. The only way for kids to get a decent education is to enroll them in private school, which is a great option if you're on the upper end of middle class or high class. That in itself is a small percentage of the population.

    Jobs: Few. The classifieds in the local newspapers are a joke. Five listed at best.

    People: Yes, the culture is built on family. Family is the foundation of everything. There are certainly many people here who are humble, hard-working, and friendly. But since social media has taken over practically everyone's lives, the number of people who are self-centered and superficial has increased. Marriages have crumbled due to the ease of infidelity made possible by social media apps and websites.

    Crime: Burglaries almost every day. Domestic violence. Child abuse. Murder.

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    That's where they caged me in with the tigers for 7 agonizing years.

    I still wake up in the night....Screaming...

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