If i'm an exchange student from Canada and i'm going to Italy, will the Italians treat me differently?

I'm doing a student exchange to Italy when i'm 16 and I wanted to know how the italians will treat me. Will they be nice, mean? Will I have a hard time making friends? Please help! Thanks :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    Italians are very friendly. You're going to love it! It's a very nice country these days.

    Just be sure to show up in a tee-shirt with a big red maple leaf on it so they don't think you're an American. Lots of American kids get maple leaf tee shirts to wear overseas. I think they sell them in airport shops here.

    (BTW if you go to France in a maple leaf tee shirt, they'll be disappointed if you don't speak French).

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  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    i could bypass to Italy, it somewhat is a compact place with fairly some heritage. Canada is an extremely diverse place as you progression around the land, and you are able to see much less on an substitute than in Europe. BTW, Canada isn't all like Minnesota.

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  • 10 years ago

    i'm italian...we are friendly it's true,but don't try to talk with aged people,they wont understand anything you'll say...the can speak ( the majority) only italian...have a nice holiday!

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    don't worry we tend to be friendly and you don't need to pretend to be canadian, we don't really care. as they told you, old people speak only italian and sometimes not even standard italian, the rest of the country pretends to know english...

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