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Which of these cities in CA is the best?

I live in North Carolina now, because I'm only 16. But I visited Los Angeles last summer and fell in love. My original dream was to move to New York and be a fashion magazine editor and work in that business. But I'm pretty sure there are many magazine jobs and opportunities in the city of LA, so I've looked at a few cities within 30 minutes of LA and I need to know which one would be the best to raise a family, because I do plan to have get married and have children. I just want it to a be safe neighborhood, and since I don't LIVE there, I need your help (10 points, please explain why it's the best). These are the cities:

Burbank, CA

Fullerton, CA

Glendale, CA

Lakewood, CA

Culver City, CA

Santa Monica, CA


I checked the city profiles of each of these, and they all have less that 5 murders a year. I suppose that's good, but I'm not sure what all of the other things meant on the profiles. Please help.

Update 2:

I'm really leaning toward Culver City because it's close to the beach and Los Angeles, where I'd be working.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The magazine industry is dying, all types of journalism are. Look into it (easy to find recent articles) so you know which path you should take to have the best chance at getting a job.

    If you have a good job and your spouse does too, you may want to live in La Canada-Flintridge (next to Glendale) if it's close enough to your job. Many who work downtown live there, the 2 is a good frwy to get downtown. You should consider the local public schools, even if you intend your child to go to private school. (Better resale of home with good public schools.) La Canada has great public and private schools, it's very safe, the people are friendly.

    Glendale and Burbank are good too, but you need to live in certain (more expensive) areas for your children to attend the good public schools.

    Another option is South Pasadena, about the same costs as La Canada, similar public schools and safety. Very small town community feel -- it's only 4 sq miles.

    Culver City is great, but I don't know if I'd raise a family there. My dh is from there, grandma and auntie lived there, we love it, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

    Santa Monica only if you can afford a 2 million $ home in a desirable area, like North of Montana. some of SM isn't so nice. Franklin and Roosevelt Elementary and Lincoln Middle, which serve the desirable North of Montana neighborhood are really great public schools. Santa Monica High is good, but many attend private high school.

    Sorry to add to your choices!

    Good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    Santa Monica is really beautiful and it is pretty safe. Its a beach city and the city's around it are filled with things to do. And Venice beach is just south and Venice is my favorite beach. Hollywood is about half an hour away. Santa Monica's pier is beautiful and is a good place for the family. There is crime and gangs but in Southern Cali there are always gangs. There is no avoiding that. On Pico Blvd is where most of the violence occurs because of a rivalry between two Latino gangs. But i go to Santa Monica at least 3 times a year and i know a few friends that moved there and they love it. If your looking for crime free, i'd say Irvine in O.C but it's pretty boring there and about an hours drive to LA. By the way, Fullerton is very gang ridden. I lived there as a kid for 3 years.

    Keep in mind, the city's you posted are some of the most expensive city's to live in. Southern California is in general an expensive place to live.

    Source(s): Southern California born and raised
  • 1 decade ago

    You've asked this question before. Of the cities listed Glendale usually always pops up in the "Top 10" safest city's list. They are all very acceptable locations, however when you live in Los Angeles you try to live as close to the place of your employment as possible to avoid getting caught up in the Hellish commute traffic.

    Living anywhere close to "the beach" is over rated and VERY expensive. As a young woman just starting a career you would find living more inland a lot cheaper. Just be prepared to find that EVERYTHING in California costs about 50% higher than in North Carolina.

  • 1 decade ago

    How funny. I'm a California resident, and went to Raleigh, North Carolina and I fell in love right then and there!

    Anyways, I'd prefer cities like Culver City or Burbank.

    Keep in mind, rent won't be $800 mo. for a comfortable condo like in North Carolina.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Culver City is nice, but I prefer Glendale. They have a rail line that goes to downtown Los Angeles. You obviously don't know about the traffic here. Culver City's nice, but the traffic on the west side is just murder. That's is definitely something to consider when moving here.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well santa monica is the nicest of the all. and is closer to LA than other cities on you list. after that i would say Fullerton and Lakewood are good to raise a family as well. good luck!

  • lantey
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    5 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    Burbank, CA - one of the coolest cities ever, lots of people though

    Fullerton, CA - great weather!

    Glendale, CA - there's nothing to do in this town

    Lakewood, CA - i have a friend who moved here, he says it's full of old people.

    Culver City, CA - idk lol

    Santa Monica, CA - the beach is hella dank!

    Anaheim, CA has the best shows ever! jussayin!

    Source(s): myself
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