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Who are the North Woods Experts? Canadians or Americans?

My Dad was old enough to be my grandpa. He died and I got this wooden chest full of his hunting stuff. There was about thirty books. All about hunting and the outdoors. Most of the books I guess were published in the 1950's I guess and written much earlier than that. In several of the books, Canada and not America is protrayed as the real wilderness. And Canadians and Canadian Mounties are held up as the ultimate woodsmen. And they all claimed to have this ultra minimalist ability to survive with just a rifle, a knife, matches, a big tin can with a baling wire handle and an axe. And there was this wierd thing that kept coming up like in four different books. They all kept saying that tea was like the super drink for the outdoors, and that coffee was terrible, and energy draining, and was totally inappropriate for outdoors activites. I regard both tea and coffee as hot caffeinated drinks. Is one actually better than another? Or is this just the Canadian (British Commonwealth) preference for tea over coffee?



How could Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett be North Woods Experts, when they operated in the South their entire lives? I don't recall Davy Crockett riding around in his Dogsled at the Alamo.

Update 2:


Jim Bowie was from Louisiana. How does that get you in the "North Woods" club?

Update 3:

Bob the Cow

THEY DIDN'T HAVE BEER IN THE 1800'S? The Eygptians drank beer when they were building the pyramids. It is barley porridge that has gone bad. It is not the transistor or the computer chip.

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    Nothing ultra minimalist about having a rifle,a knife,an axe,matches,

    a tin can,and baling wire.

    With all that stuff some here would call that a pic-nic.

    Tea is easier to pack and prepare.It also has some qualities that coffee lacks.(look it up I'm too lazy)

    We have our own heroes from the woods,i.e. Radisson and Grosellier(sp?).etc.

    But alas,we are a humble folk.We rely on your stories about Davy,Jim,Dan'l from Walt Disney for our


    My cousin,was an RCMP officer way up north,you would be hard pressed to find a better

    tracker hunter,survivor.

    Most of the newer generation Horsemen sit in patrol cars like other police.

    As a rule the Francophone community shys away from any affiliation with the Brits.,but still extole the virtues of the tea drink.

    I'm sure any of your guys could learn a thing or two from our guys and vice versa.

    I have met woodsmen in Vermont and New York that are on the money.

    I don't feel this to be a competition between our countries,I accept regional info from them that lives there.

    I live in Canada 4 miles from the U.S. widerness,I'll listen to your guys there and my guys when I'm in the mountains here.

    FYI we are host to thousands of Americans every year who come here to hunt fish,hike,whatever.

    There are the good the bad and the ugly,same as what we send your way.

    Historically,probably the same.

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  • Bjorn
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    Well, it depends on what timeframe you are discussing.

    The Canadian wilderness has been more untouched then the American wilderness over the years. While I am sure there were just as many ultimate woodsmen back in the early 1800's in the US as there were in Canada, the US has become much more urbanized.

    But, you have to consider the fact that Americans grew up being told stories about the great American woodsmen, and Canadians grew up being told stories about great Canadian woodsmen. So your country of origin is going to play a major role in your belief as to who is the better woodsmen.

    Both Tea and Coffee have their merits, and the preference for Tea likely started from their roots in Europe, but Tea is definitely a superior drink in the outdoors. It tends to have more antioxidants, and less caffeine so you do not get the "Crash" associated with drinking too much coffee. That is very important in the wild.

    Though on my last 4 trips to the BWCAW, Coffee was my main drink. Tough to find a good tea out in the middle of nowhere, and I can drink Folgers all day long.

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  • Diana
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    4 years ago

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  • 10 years ago

    I think Jim Bowie would have done just fine in the North woods,but I doubt a Canadian would have lasted long in the swamps,so my vote goes for the Americans.Sure,I know Cajuns are French-Canadians,but they had to adapt to the swamp regions.Guys like Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone could handle anything.As for the tea or coffee debate,they didnt have beer back then.Beer would have been their first choice

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  • Reb
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    Americans no contest. When you think of woodsman you think of Daniel Boone, Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, and the like. Sorry to say but I can't even name one Canadian woodsmen [except Les Stroud but he has a tv show] maybe because they never did anything that great to be remembered by.

    added- hey sorry. You said Americans vs. Canadians. You didn't say what part of US. Those are just the guys I think of when someone says woodsmen. Also when you say North Woods I thought you were refering to the Woods of NORTH America. Meaning anywhere in North America.

    Source(s): I think I proved my point
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  • 10 years ago

    I don't know that nationality has much to do with it. Canada, though, simply has a lot more north woods to it, and the mountain men of the US came at an earlier time in our history Also, I think you're right: tea and coffee are simply cultural variants.

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  • 10 years ago

    well if you have been born and raised in the Canadian forests and whatnot than obviously a canadian would be superior, BUT it goes the same for the Americans in their home land. If you were to choose neutral ground of some kind id say its a toss up.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I'd give it to the Native Americans, since Sacajawea led Louis and Clark across a country that she didn't even know most of. And she went up north too.

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  • 10 years ago

    Damn Canooks......what the hell do they know ?

    Every canadian I have ever delt with thought they were the cats meow about any and every subject known to man....and I know alot of canadians....they think they invented it !

    Any way here's my comes down to individuals...and only that...yes there are some top notch canooks and there are top notch americans....only a few of either though

    Coffee is the western drink since the boston tea party and thats that!

    Source(s): I'm Mountain Man.......if it has to do with any thing like that...........I probably know what the answer is .........If not...... ask bear crap or alaskan blow hard....LOLOLOL......I loved that one ...LMAO!
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  • 10 years ago

    well since canadains live in the north woods, lol i'd say canadians. I GUARENTIE all the people saying americans are better are cocky americans who think candians are eskimos who ride dog sleds around.

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