jailbreak for ipod touch 4.0?

I've been reading about jailbreaking an ipod and i cant figure out what it means. i want to know everything about it. ive heard about free apps is that true?? and can u get free music through your ipod instead of downloading on your computer??? is this legal?? will it damage my ipod?? if you have any additonal information that you believe i need please include in your answer. thanks

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    Yes, with a jailbroken device, you can get free apps. The application used for installing the free apps (Installous) isn't meant for pirating, but people still do it. Along with that, you can get useful widgets, and Gameboy Advance, Gameboy, Nintendo 64, Playstation 1, Super Nintendo, Nintendo, and Genesis games on it.

    No you cannot get free music. The apps are uploaded onto Installous's servers by normal users, so you can't get EVERY app, but most.

    It's not legal, but it's not illegal either. Apple just wishes it was. However, if Apple finds out, they can disable all your apps, even payed ones. It won't damage your iPod if you do it right, and I've never heard of someone breaking their iPod by jailbreaking. It WILL however, void your warranty. So as long as it's jailbroken, you won't be able to return it, or have it fixed if it's damage.

    4.0 you say? Take a look at the About section on your iPod's settings. If the model thing starts with MC, then you can't jailbreak it (AT THE MOMENT, this will be fixed soon).

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    Jailbreaking is like unlocking all of the hidden potential in an idevice. It is perfectly legal (free apps and music are pirating, thats the illegal part) and no, it will not damage your ipod (but it will void. I have jailbroken with blackra1n back when i was on 3.1.2 and it was spectacular! You can theme your ipod, in other words lookit this! ( http://www.iphonethemeviewer.com/images/iphone_the... ) and theres alot more cool themes and also ways to arrange your icons and alot of cool stuff like that. An ipod without a jailbreak is about as useful as a paperweight.

    Unluckily for you, 4.0 cannot be jailbroken (without going through alot of trouble). I think you might be able to jailbreak with redsn0w, but its kind of unsafe, unlike blackra1n. You're just going to have to wait for limera1n, the jailbreak for 4.0+, to come out! I will be sure to tell you when it does, trust me you will want to jailbreak your ipod!

    Oh yeah... you can already get music thru your ipod by going to itunes app, then just searching and downloading the music straight from there. And if you dont like the jailbreak (even though you will) you can always restore your ipod from the computer and that will take away the jailbreak and will restore back to factory settings. Keep in mind that if you do this, you will have to sync with itunes to keep from loosing all of your music. I think its worth it!

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    Yeah it is true about the free apps

    You can get awesome backgrounds/pictures for your ipod(for free)

    You can easily restore your ipod through itunes

    Jailbreaking won't damage your ipod

    I'm not sure about the free music but it's a possibility. Jail breaking is legal. Your ipod may crash but it soon works again. The only problem is, if your ipod is damaged(if you drop it or something) then you will need to take it to a store and have them try and solve it but they might not do anything because it's been jail broken.

    Source(s): It's really worth doing it though
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    in basic terms use BlackRa1n, works lots swifter and much less difficult, and supplies Cydia, Rock (now no longer in use so do no longer installation it [ you will take transport of the alternative with the hot utility you get after jailbreak). All you ought to do fairly is get carry of Blackra1n and plug your iTouch in and... "enable in Ra1n!" Your iTouch will tutor the dudes face with iTouches orbiting it for awhile, yet then, your waiting to apply your new jailbreak. Oh and, determine the firmware is from a depended on website, verify the operation it runs. Like is it .exe etc. <== it wont be .exe btw. The firmware must be(firmwarehere).ipsw or something like that. in case you nonetheless cant restoration the priority use Blackra1n...

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