What are the best manufacturer for computers?

Now, I am a very tuned into computers, so I don't need an answer like "Like amagad Mac computers are teh best!"

All I need is a reputable source like Consumer reports that give a list of the best computer manufacturers for consumer grade products. Or, if you want, you can reply with your absolute favorite if you have had experience with multiple manufacturers. But you also need to give reasons. Or, say a company that you have had terrible, terrible time with. Lastly, give a year of when you had it (because companies, technology, and policies change).

Just so you know. I am looking for a laptop that will hopefully last me as long as possible in college. So I am trying to figure out the best possible solution for this lack-of-laptop issue. And that means I cannot build the device.


Mac fanboys, don't even try. Mac computers are not end-all quality and without error.

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