TM GLOCK 18C AEP VS. TM GLOCK 18C GBB (just came out a week ago). What are the pros and cons for each? Which is best for CQB? Thanks!

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    1 decade ago
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    GBB Version is the best.

    The AEP works on batteries, which is not that great considering the spring has to be downsized to fit in the gun, which results in a lower FPS compared to the GBB and not a very high rate of fire. The GBB version can be upgraded with metal parts so that it will last longer and run on Green Gas, which is much cheaper than HFC134a, which is the standard gas for Tokyo Marui pistols. AEPs CANNOT BE UPGRADED.

    AEPs work great in the cold, because GBBs require at least 68+ degrees F to function to its maximum capability. However, with AEPs made mostly of plastic, it's quite obvious which ones are easier to upgrade. The best CQB-ready pistols are the ones that can fire in full auto, which in this case, is the TM G18C GBB.

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    The AEP needs no gas, a major advantage. however, the blowback is halfhearted at best and the power is downright sad. The TM GBB is a fantastic gun! Go with the GBB!

  • 4 years ago

    Tokyo Marui G18c Aep

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    4 years ago

    first y do u hunt with air mushy and confident air weapons specifically useing pellets are frequently greater valuable and precise at a similar time as bb weapons are precise yet frequently have much less skill

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    1 decade ago

    Pro:its a toy and your dumbass that posts in hunting cant kill anyone with it

    Cons:its useless for your mommy and daddy's money

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