What are the national animals of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan?

I need the national animal of Kazakhstan and the national animal of Kyrgyzstan.

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    Of Kazakhstan:

    "Flora and Fauna: Thousand rare species of plants and animals, including the turanga and black ash trees, brown bear, pink flamingo, snow leopard, and steppe antelope (Saigak). Many of these animals and plants are native to Kazakhstan. Thus far, 155 mammals, 480 bird species, some 150 different fish and more than 250 medicinal plants have been counted."


    Of Kyryzstan:

    "Many rare animal species inhabit the woodlands, including the Tian-Shan bear, the red wolf, and the snow leopard, which are protected by government decree. Other animals in Kyrgyzstan include deer, mountain goats, and mountain sheep. Kyrgyzstan's mountain lakes are an annual refuge for thousands of migrating birds, including the mountain goose and other rare species."


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