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Hey Joe. Other than Jimi Hendrix, what rock bands recorded this song?

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    Other recorded versions of "Hey Joe" include:

    The Surfaris as "Hey Joe, Where Are You Going" (Decca 31954, June 1966)

    Love (1966) on their album Love

    The Byrds on their album Fifth Dimension (1966)

    The Standells (1966) on their album Dirty Water

    The Music Machine (1966) on their album (Turn On) The Music Machine

    The Shadows of Knight (1966) on their album Back Door Men

    Warlocks (1966)

    Tim Rose (1966)

    The Cryan' Shames (1966) on their album Sugar & Spice

    Gonn (1966 or '67)

    The SoulBenders (1967) on their album Can't Believe in Love

    The Hazards (1967) on the compilation CD Aliens, Psychos and Wild Things, Vol. 2

    Johnny Hallyday (1967) French lyrics by Gilles Thibault, on the album Olympia 67

    Martò (1967) Italian lyrics by Francesco Guccini

    Los Locos (1967) Mexican lyrics by Rafael Acosta, on the EP ***** es *****

    Ant Trip Ceremony (1968) on their album 24 Hours

    The Golden Cups (1968) Japanese group

    The Creation (1968)

    Marmalade (1968)

    The Mothers of Invention (1968) parodied "Hey Joe" and took a satirical swipe at hippies in their song "Flower Punk" from We're Only In It For The Money

    Deep Purple on their first album, Shades of Deep Purple (1968), which mistakenly credited them as the writers

    Johnny Rivers (1968) on the album Realization

    Band Of Joy (1968) demo version with Robert Plant issued in 2003 on the album Sixty Six to Timbuktu

    Fever Tree (1970) on For Sale

    Lee Moses (1971) on the album Time and Place

    Carson (1971) on the album On the Air

    The Les Humphries Singers (1971) on the album We'll Fly You to the Promised Land

    Roy Buchanan (1973)

    Patti Smith (1974) her first music single.

    Spirit (1975) on the album Spirit of '76

    Suzie Hendrix (1978)

    Alvin Lee (1979) on the album Ride On

    Buldožer (1982) on their live album Ako ste slobodni večeras

    Soft Cell (1983) as part of the B-side "Hendrix Medley", later re-issued on The Art of Falling Apart

    "Weird Al" Yankovic (1984) as part of the medley "Polkas on 45" on the album "Weird Al" Yankovic In 3-D

    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (1986) on the album Kicking Against the Pricks

    Francesco Di Giacomo (1989) on the album Non Mettere le Dita nel Naso in duet with Sam Moore

    Seal (1991) on the "Killer" single

    The Offspring (1991 and 1997) on their Baghdad EP and, in a different version, as a B-side on their "Gone Away" single

    Willy DeVille (1992) on the album Backstreets of Desire

    Type O Negative (1992) as "Hey Pete" on the album The Origin of the Feces

    Jerry Douglas (1992) on the album Slide Rule. Vocals by Tim O'Brien

    Buckwheat Zydeco (1992) on the album On Track

    Roy Buchanan (1992) on the album The Best of Roy Buchanan

    Body Count (1993) on the albums Born Dead and Stone Free

    Eddie Murphy (1993) on the album Love's Alright

    Captain Sensible (1994) on his live album Live at the Milky Way

    Mathilde Santing (1994) as "Hey Joan", where the woman shoots her man

    Lick the Tins (1995) on the album Blind Man on a Flying Horse

    O Rappa (1996) Portuguese version on the album Rappa Mundi, with considerably different lyrics and plot

    Fifteen (1996) on the EP There's No Place Like Home (Good Night)

    Otis Taylor (1996) on the album Blue Eyed Monster. This version has slightly different lyrics, though.

    The Make-Up (1999)

    Axel Rudi Pell (1999) on the album The Ballads II

    Medeski Martin & Wood (2000) on the album Tonic

    Franco Battiato (2001) on the album Ferro Battuto

    Robert Plant (2002) on the album Dreamland and also earlier with the Band of Joy in 1967

    Brant Bjork (2004) on his album Local Angel

    Gabe Dixon Band (2005) on Live at World Cafe

    Cassie Steele (2005) on How Much For Happy

    Psychedelic Deja Vu (2006)

    Guitar Shorty (2006) Guitar Shorty is Jimi Hendrix's brother in law.* Insted (2008)

    Arklio Galia (2007) Lithuanian version called "Ei, Juozai" on their debut album.

    Bap Kennedy (2009) on Howl On

    Brown Sugar (2009) as an extra on the cassette release of their Deportation EP

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    Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe Album

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    The Leaves


    Wilson Pickett

    The Surfaris

    The Byrds


    The Standells

    The Music Machine

    The Shadows of Knight


    Tim Rose

    The Soulbenders


    The Creations

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  • The vast majority of covers have been mentioned by several other users. Though over the years, I've always been partial to this cover by The Byrds. Back at Harvard Law, Biff, Chip, Dexter, Larry and myself used to play this song continuously -

    Youtube thumbnail

    This is one of the earliest examples of a turning point for me in terms of really enjoying Caucasian music. Since then things have really opened up!

    The original version by The Leaves is also noteworthy -

    Youtube thumbnail


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    The two I have are :~

    Deep Purple

    Robert Plant


    Youtube thumbnail


    {the 2002 studio version is over 7 mins long, but I can't find a link!}

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    Roy buchanan did the meanest version of it, I'm seriously thinking the guy invented shredding as that song has. He was around well before ozzy & metal bands started.

    But its a real popular american folk song hundreds have done it

  • Type O Negative did a cover where they slightly redid the lyrics called Hey Pete

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