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怎麼沒人了。要快呀hurry up

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    Today is a special day because this is my birthday! At first, nothing happened and I felt a bit disapointed because my dear parents celebrated my birthday every year! But now, my father and my mother were not at home and left me alone, will they really forget my birthday?

    " Ding dong" , the door bell rang, when I open the door sadly, my parents came back happily and said " Happy Birthday! Darling!". Also, they brought me a lot of food and a present! I felt surprised and can't said anything! Then my mum asked me, " Don't you remember your birthday?"and I just smile.

    I'm sure this is the most happist birthday in my mind!

    Hey!! Diaries should write by your own!! Why you ask people to help you? It isn't make sence!!

    2010-07-18 10:47:37 補充:

    Today is an unlucky day because I met a terrible matter. She is envy, arrogant, ugly... The reason I use these adjectives because she's really make me felt yucky.

    When I went to the basketball court and play basketball with my friends, I met her. Look at her

    2010-07-18 10:47:51 補充:

    face, I can only see her proud of herself. Then, she ask me that she want to have a compitition with us and I said "OK"

    I think I will met a person who is good at basketball but i felt hopeless. She didn't know basketball!

    2010-07-18 10:47:56 補充:

    When we start, she said I'm not right but I'm sure I'm right. So, we got an arguement.

    At last, she still think she is the best so I went home.

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    3. Last night, I've got a dream. In the dream, I found that I am in my friend home and I heard that

    my best friend Mary punished her sister, Kary. But why? I finally knew that because of Kary.

    Yesterday, I found

    2010-07-18 21:48:20 補充:

    that Kary ordered her elder sister to teach her homework but when Mary taught her, Kary didn't say "Thank You" then went away. Kary thought that her sister help her is her job so no need to say thanks.

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    This dream told my that we should respect others and less argue will happen. Also, people who had help you should value them because they are your most important people in our life.

    2010-07-18 22:06:44 補充:

    Sorry that I've no space in my answer

    2010-07-19 16:39:45 補充:

    I hope that you can watch what I write by heart!!^^

    Also hope I can help you!!

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