a writting about cafe!

cafe name ( about 5-10)

what thing make we feel that cafe good??

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    1) Starbucks

    The World's best coffee (At Starbucks, we sample coffees from around the world – more than 150,000 cups a year, in fact. We have to taste that many because we seek only the finest, richest and most interesting beans. )

    Starbucks seeks only the finest, richest and most interesting beans to serve their customers.

    For detail information please visit http://www.starbucks.com.hk/en-US/

    2) Pacific Coffee

    To enhance your enjoyment while you share that Perfect Cup with a friend, our store environment brings you a comfortable music selection, warm lighting, couches and sofa chairs, an international selection of newspapers and lifestyle magazines, private space and space for community socializing.

    For detail information please visit http://www.pacificcoffee.com/eng/company/index.htm...

    3) UCC coffee UCC coffee has developed two distinct manufacturing methods – Aroma Freezing Method and Super Aroma Method to make coffee in order to serve the best and unique coffee to their customers. For detail information please visit http://www.ucc-coffee.com.tw/clinging_4.html

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    4) Café O

    Café O is a true lifestyle destination, with the flat of a European style cafe.

    They offer guests a chance to relax in a chic, modern and stylish environment and enjoy a menu that is healthy, refreshing and wholesome.

    There are WiFi and internet ready; are open long and are fully licensed.

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    5) Pokka Café

    While expanding their business, Pokka is also dedicated to protecting our environment, creating less waste and cherishing the reducing natural resources.

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    They have also taken the following actions

    1)Printing menus with recycle paper

    2)Starting a campaign to save drinking water

    3)Adopting EP concept to design reusable moon cake packages

    4)Installing water less urinal bowl to save water

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