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大學選學校及科問題 (poly,BU, city)

1)Poly Chinese and Bilingual Studies

2)BU China Studies

3)City Policy Studies and Administration

4)City East and Southeast Asia Studies

邊個比較好?(考慮收生成績,質素, 就業等)

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    I think Poly Chinese and Bilingual Studies is better.

    The teaching quality there is perhaps pretty good , and mean AL score 09-10 -- 11.4

    Language proficiency is of paramount importance when applying for a job, no matter in China, Asia or elsewhere.

    In fact, 2 and 4 do not guarantee you a priviledged position in acquiring jobs there.

    But if u want to develop yr critical thinking and pursue a political career, 3 can be your choice (Mean grade 09-10 -- EDBC). But that may be somehow boring.

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