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Gave boyfriend Oral Sex!?

so i gave my boyfriend a hand job and he starting ejaculating and it got all over my hands and so i washed my hands but not good with no soap for like a second because my ride was there to pick me...i was in the car for 15 minutes and when I got home i washed my hands TWICE with soap this time but not that good. after that i went to the bathroom and wiped my vagina....can I become pregnant??


omggg relaxxxx with theee its not oral sex....my badddd

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    yes, yes you can. you could even become double-pregnant.

    You may want to wash again though. Those cumstains on your hand will be completely visible in a blacklight room.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    first of all a hand job isn't oral sex

    but if you washed your hands 3 times, and with soap, and you just wiped your vagina, it's extremelyyyy unlikely that you could be pregnant

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    Well first off ITS NOT ORAL SEX.

    Oral means that you put his cock in your mouth and swirled it around a bit and if he ejaculated you prolly would have been to busy washing your mouth out to post this because he prolly doesnt eat a proper diet.


    actually that's all i wanted to say

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    No you wont get preganant those sperm cells died they cant live outside the penis for very long & you gave him a hand job not oral sex. oral meansn moutth

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  • Picaso
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    10 years ago

    dont do that again never give another handjob kiss him and makeout but nothing that makes him happy cause that you will be pregnant for real nor if you washed you hands 3 times no you are not

    Source(s): but semen is someting that is iven more hard than glue so it could be a small little posiblity that you are pregnant like a 0.1%
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    No you can't get pregnant from that. And FYI, that is NOT oral sex. Oral means with your mouth!!

  • 10 years ago

    OMG seriously .... how old are you to young for this.... please be educated so stay in school to learn what oral sex means

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