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Why does the USA population majority group allow itself to be totally manipulated by USA minority groups?

Do they not understand that it is the way of nature that minority groups adapt themselves to function to the will of the social majority?

No place on Earth, with the exception of the USA, do minority groups DEMAND that the majority must adapt to them - or else.


Not even language...

Why is there: "Press 1 for English" and "Press 2 for Spanish"...

I have not heard of this option in Mexico, Spain, Germany, Russia, China...

Update 2:

I am from Ukraine - I can tell you that in Ukraine, any minority better adapt, AND QUICKLY, to the will of the majority for its own sake. The same goes in Russia and to a large extent in Germany too (although Muslims are given some latitude).

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    It really doesn't make any sense. I guess a lot of it is cowardly politicians. Instead of standing up to minority groups they cave in and give them what they want. Of course this only encourages them to want more and it repeats itself.

    Having to press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish is incredibly stupid. Again it comes from lack of courage and greed. Corporations feel if they cater to the spanish minority then they will get more business. So they will sell cultural norms down the river for a few bucks.

    If we can get more people like Gov. Brewer in Arizona into top government positions we have a chance to reverse this trend that is dividing the country. Becoming bi-lingual does not unite the country, It divides it. Allowing minorities to get their way only inflames people and causes bigger rifts in the country. No one will dispute this but they will call you names for stating the truth. Name calling results from lack of education and lack of facts. Thanks for the question.

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    Actually most bullies are a minority of the public, they use violence or terror to silence opposition. Look in any high school, it is a microcosm of this fact.

  • Paul
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    10 years ago

    Well a simple cure to your problems with minorities in America would be for you to go back to your home country.

    There. Problem solved.

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    Very good question! I agree with one of the other answerers, white guilt. That's what got Obama elected and it's about as stupid as it gets.

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  • 10 years ago

    Better yet why does the US population allow itself to be controlled by corporate interests ?

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    You don't seem to understand that it isn't up to minorities to "adapt" and conform to the will of the majority. Perhaps if you were a minority, you wouldn't be so obtuse.

  • ash
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    10 years ago

    Yeah, we women should for sure be running everything - we are in the majority!!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    wow, you really dont know anything about the rest of the world, do you?

    funny how white americananzis think they are so hard done by

  • 10 years ago

    The answer is simple: Fear of being labeled racist!

  • 10 years ago

    You are wrong. You are so ridiculously wrong that I cant even be bothered to waste my time explaining the gravity of your stupidity...... just go away, please.

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