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How to upload my web page on a free hosting server ?

I chose one free hosting server & created my account there. Then after wards, I am unable to find any useful info to tell me how could I proceed & upload my & see my project web page on server. Can any one help me step by step what should I do (like there are many options on hosting service including domain name, upload etc). I have a single page web page inc a php 6 functionality. I want to use Online File Manager in spite FTP. Thanks a Lot in advance for any kind of help......

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  • 10 years ago
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    Some hosts don't offer an online file manager. You should really learn to use FTP, it really is just as easy as online file managers. If they did give you FTP info, you can contact me privately and I can take you through it step by step.

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  • 4 years ago

    each time I submit a query, notwithstanding if its the finest one, they won't be able to supply me a perfect reported answer in this internet site. Wtf took place to people that extremely make an effort to jot down an answer..

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