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Help with speed-reading?

I'm reading Peter Kump's book on speed reading and so far just learned the finger technique. The problem is when I read one line per second I can remember almost nothing. What should I do?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ok, first, throw away the book. To really learn speed reading you need a software trainer. Second, speed and comprehension are learned separately. You cannot learn a speed reading technique and then suddenly read 3 times as fast and remember as well as you do with regular reading all in the same day!! This is a common misconception in speed reading. People want to read faster and expect to develop a skill that normally takes months in one day. First you learn speed techniques, then you build comprehension over time and with practice. Comprehension can improve and be even higher than for regular reading but not on the first day, it can take a couple of weeks to a couple of months before you see improvement and begin to build comprehension well enough to use speed reading in day to day reading. Until then you should only use speed reading on practice material, ie do not try to study for a test with speed reading when you have not yet built the proper level of skill, instead read magazines and newspapers that are not critical to school or work. After that you will naturally continue to improve your comprehension.

    I learned speed reading using the Speed Reader-X course which I recommend. I tried several other speed reading courses and this one was the best and included many suggestions and explanations that was not in the other courses, especially explaining how comprehension works in speed reading. Also, their UltraMind course on comprehension busted the myth of mind maps for me too. I could never get my mind around what use a mind-map was or how to use it after seeing it in another $299 course, and here this $29 course explains that it is a waste of time and does nothing but sell $299 courses. Well, I dont want to get off topic but it is related to comprehension and speed reading so if your book recommends mind-maps, that is an instant warning sign that it is useless hype written by a marketer, not someone who researched speed reading and comprehension.

    That hand motion stuff is bunk too. The srx course explains it better than I can.

    Good luck, get a good course that is clear about what your objectives are, and stick with it. Speed reading takes practice just like you had to practice slow reading when you first learned how to do that.

    Source(s): This is the course I used to learn speed reading and I loved it.
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  • 5 years ago

    Speed-reading No.1 destiny-self taught/educated -but worthy to know of/from like no other!

    Besides speed-reading alone there's other options via PC Using 'TTS Text2Speech' narrators/speakers clock 601wpm as 'speed-listening' reading along with text + also MS-word has an accessible "Auto-Summarize" feature 'marking 10/25%' so forth summaries.

    -and then after a skim over with 'main-markings' you can grasp most of the text quickly thru such large amounting informative reads...

    Now speed-reading has 2 word recognition adv. sighting text as visual speed & span! - 1. Speed across > via fovea direct sight 2. Span < outward > via peripheral indirect sight -now me as an average guy, most hard skills need gradual intros into speed/span working 4 adjustments/adaption. Which is to "love the sight of words" read a few lines > 1. Too slow 2. Current speed 3. Bit beyond, working speed & span! Do either silently OR aloud mostly only to main-wordings 4. Finally try out re-reading that page "really-fast >>" while attempting to maintain your fully established comprehension with < great-reading-span > nearly/completely reading downwards in vertical glances is most efficient rather than just reading horizontally across. -I can say in more to details/ways of training speed-reading but as within this allotted space I'm delivering a well inform nut shell to you all. -I hope what I think works out finding all well as I'm giving away my own secretes!

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  • 1 decade ago

    1st read a summary of the entire book so you know how it goes then when you speed read just pay attention to the parts that stand out.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You should read a lot slower!!! it's more relaxing, and it makes the book more interesting, and you wind up understanding the book a lot more!!!

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