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my parents car crash?

okay so today i was with my mom driving and a car stopped a head of her and she slowed down then this big *** truck nails us from behind, pretty ******* hard. the car is like totally crushed i had to climp through the front to get out, i was just asking how much will will get for this from our insurance? a new car? money or what?

it was a 2003 chevy silver blazer im pretty sure

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    Firstly, do you not sue the guy that crashed into your Mom off his insurance?

    If not, and your Mom has to claim on her own, which in Ireland does'nt happen unless it's your fault, it will depend on how much she is insured for, the worth/value of the car and also if she is out of work sick due to injuries, again, in Ireland this would be on the guy's shoulders and she could go to court for compensation. Has she been to a doctor and been checked out? Very important if this goes to court photos and doctors cert etc.

    Not sure how it works in the USA hope you're both ok!

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    How would we know? We can't see the vehicle, and even if we could, most of us aren't collision repair estimators. The insurance company will tell you. One thing though, you didn't win the Powerball, so don't quit your day job.

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    okay so today you may get a little, you may get a lot, you may get nothing. Only the insurance companies can determine that... you need to be like totally speaking with your insurance company... so okay.. totally


    ok so .

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    Look up NADA retail value for your vehicle on - that's what you'll get.

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