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Can somebody tell me the name of this movie based on the ending?

I don't really remember it, except for having a pretty distinctive ending. The movie deals with a lot of different characters with their different substories. However, it all converges at this diner on the highway. The characters all meet and end up having an epic shootout. All of them die except for this middle aged father, who goes back to his car (where his family is waiting) and is really shaken up. He had just been in a massive argument with his wife, but he doesn't say a word and he drives on. Sorry, I couldn't be more detailed but that's all I can remember from this movie.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Retroactive (1997) ?

    starring James Belushi, Kylie Travis, Shannon Whirry, Frank Whaley, Jesse Borrego, M. Emmet Walsh

    IMDb synopsis:

    A woman whose car breaks down on the highway is picked up by a crazed stranger and his obviously threatened girlfriend. Despite potential escape opportunities, she stays with the couple, who are involved in some kind of unexplained thievery involving a computer disk. After a series of murders, including the girlfriend, the woman manages to escape to a science lab where time travel is being experimented with. Here she inadvertently goes back in time, where she tries to stop the killings. Repeated attempts result in the deaths in different patterns.

    Here are the movie trailer and a film clip:

    Among the participants in the story are a family who make a stop at the diner/gas station.

  • 1 decade ago

    Passion of the Christ.

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