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How good will Brook Lopez and Devin Harris be 3-5 years from now?

Harris at best 6th or 7th best point guard in NBA (Wall, Rose, Rondo, Paul, Williams, Westbrook) will be better.

Lopez 2nd best Center in the league behind Dwight Howard

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    I think Harris is already at his potential, but there is still room for improvement.

    He averaged 21 and 6ast two seasons ago, I think he could be a 20-10 guy like CP3.

    Lopez could be a 20-10 guy easily.

    The Nets are better than most people think, look out for them in the following years.

    Terrence Williams is an upcoming player and I'm looking him to be like an Andre Iguodala, maybe better.

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    I do not think Harris will be more then a solid starter. Lopez will be a PF in 3-5 years just like all the other athletic Cs in the league other then Howard.

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    Greg Oden he will have great season for optimistic.he's magnificent and he's leadrning from the NBA All Time greats approximately beeing a beast in offense.I see Greg having 18 ppg,12 rpg,2 bpg simply by this: Oden is athletic and helpful participant,he exhibits his stregth in his dunks that are the straight forward for his factors.If he ussesmore commonly the ring pictures and that turn around circulate interior the submit he will averge 18 ppg. He can averge 12 rebounds in a season because of the fact he's a protecting tension like Russell.he's clever rebounder and in simple terms waits to grabb the ball interior the tight 2d.Oden is a organic beast on the rebounds His protection and it commonly whilst in comparison with Russell and that's the suited circulate.He finnaly began to examine to dam pictures devoid of fouls.I see his protecting presence so vast and he could have 2,5 bpg for optimistic Greg Oden is protecting tension like invoice Russell and is worth championships he's have been given vivid destiny ahead of him and could lead the league in reboundsa and blocks Darko

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    Lopez will be great when he leaves NJ in a few yrs and joins his bro Robin(4th best center in Nba) in phoenix to create the future TWIN TOWERS in the NBA

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    lopez an all star that could possibly start and harris could also be a borderline all star

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    both will be allstars and belive it or not i think they will make the playoffs

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