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Best Movie Soundtracks?

Totally dating myself here, but The Lost Boys had an awesome soundtrack back in the day.

Others I like:

Pulp Fiction

The Saint


Forrest Gump



Jimmy: LMFAO!!! I forgot about that part, I love it when the sax dude gets his bald head bitten into!

Royal Archetype: Pimpin' some Type O for me, thanks! :)

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    The Mortal Kombat Soundtrack. : P

    "Taste Of Things To Come" -George S. Clinton

    "Goodbye (Demo)" -Gravity Kills

    "Juke Joint Jezebel (Giorgio Moroder Metropolis Mix)" -KMFDM

    "Unlearn (Josh Wink's Live Mix)" -Psykosonik

    "Control (Juno Reactor Instrumental)" -Traci Lords

    "Halcyon + On + On" -Orbital

    "Utah Saints Take On The Theme From Mortal Kombat" -Utah Saints

    "The Invisible" -G//Z/R

    "Zero Signal" -Fear Factory

    "Burn" -Sister Machine Gun

    "Blood & Fire (Out Of The Ashes Mix)" -Type O Negative

    "I Reject" -Bile

    "Twist The Knife (Slowly)" -Napalm Death

    "What U See/We All Bleed Red" -Mutha's Day Out

    "Techno-Syndrome 7" Mix (Theme From Mortal Kombat)" -The Immortals

    "Goro Vs. Art" -George S. Clinton feat. Buckethead

    "Demon Warriors/Final Kombat" -George S. Clinton

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    A Hard Day's Night

    Forrest Gump, Definitely

    Dazed and Confused

    The Wedding Singer

    Reality Bites

    Easy Rider

    Natural Born Killers

    Top Gun(Guilty Pleasure)

    O Brother Where Art Thou

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    Saturday night Fever

    The Doors


    The Blues Brothers

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  • Randomly ordered :~

    The Breakfast Club

    Top Gun


    Rob Roy

    Now and Then

    The Legend of 1900

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    Oh man that concert they go to where Michael first sees that girl is too funny. The shirtless muscle dude playing the saxophone solo seals the deal.

    Some I like are:

    Who's That Girl


    The Mack

    Music & Lyrics

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    Forrest Gump

    Happy Gilmore

    Dazed and Confused

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    The Crow


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    Easy Rider & Forrest Gump & Help

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