How common are female gamers compared to male gamers?

I have realized that there is some kind of weird phenomenon going on when it comes to girl gamers. Every time one enters, they are treated like royalty by all of the sad lonely guys in chat. I'm not kidding, I've seen it happen, a guy enters and says 'Hello' he is ignored by 80% of the room. A girl enters, and says 'Hey' and she is ignored by 20%. I won't go into the fanatic defence of girl gamers by male gamers, 'stfu dont talk about her leik tht i r a hero' (Maybe they think they will get laid somehow by being such an online warrior saving the helpless girl as if she can't defend herself) and the 'omg your a girl, here have 1000 gold'.. I don't play WoW, but I used to and I know there is a high female population there.

There must be a severe lack of girl gamers in the world, I'm thinking 40 to 1?

What do you think?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yeah I know what you mean, any girl gamer with a mic online usually gets a bunch of messages and friends requests, simply because hardcore female gamers are not nearly as common as males. I mean sure, a whole lot of women play casual Wii games and The Sims and things like that, but men consider it a real gem to have another woman playing a game he likes because there are a whole lot less women who enjoy video games as much as men do.

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    9 years ago

    Well, when I first started playing on Xbox Live about 4 years ago, the ratio was probably 60 to 1 and I did get a lot of 'omg, you're a girl' though I never asked for any special treatment. I would meet many teen guys who would try to kill me more just because I'm female. I'd run into another female gamer maybe once every few months. Now it's a lot more common. There are many, many more females either playing or getting into online gaming so I think a lot of those kinds of guys have calmed down.

  • 9 years ago

    Yeah I've seen that happen before. lol. But yeah there are probably less female gamers than male gamers so all the guys go CRAZY, when a girl enters a game.

  • 9 years ago

    I suspect that the ratio is actually smaller because there are also a lot of "drag-chatters" (those who pose as females just to bask in the adulation of their fellow males for-fun-and-profit). Although, I'm quite certain that the ratio of drag-accounts to true-female accounts is probably equivalent to, or slightly smaller than, the ratio between online female personas to male personas. Still, I also suspect that female gamers are actually on the rise, and that many of them may be inclined to adopt masculine [including gay-male] or neuter online personas to 'hide' from the typically over-wrought reactions ubiquitous to a feminine gender declaration. Essentially, you can't trust any online gender declaration... Lots of people have multiple accounts, too; so, it's practically impossible to answer this question.

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  • 9 years ago

    Yes there is a lack of girls in gaming. Most of the girls in gaming i know are playing male characters so they don't get assaulted by horny nerds online, they just want to be left alone.

    Well my point of view why the guys are like that.

    Most of wow players are sad little guys who spend 90% of their time at the computer and that for many years. All this happens between the ages of 14- 20. That's a very important time in the psychological world of a human being. Different mindsets are generated, views are generated, beliefs, perspective and so on, all this is in the midst of development. So imagine if the only world this person sees between these ages is the world of Internet, you get the lonely horny nerds who have been stroking their manly ego for years at that computer. On the internet you can talk smack and get away with it no problem, so the ego of the lonely horny nerd grows and grows. This causes beliefs to be formed. Beliefs that women are something that you give shiny things to or protect them and they will return the favor with pleasure(sex). A perfect example for this are youtube comments that have a hot female in the video. Just look at the comments you get my point.

    This of course doesn't count for everyone, there are also guys who are just shy and don't know how to socialize with a girl, they have only some elementary skills like "being nice", because they want the girl to like them. They want them to be liked because no girl so far has and they wish it would happen all this of having no sex in their mind, those are usually the smart socially underdeveloped , but intellectually highly developed guys.

    So basically, if you take a growing kid and throw him into the internet with no influence from the outer, real world, you get the sad horny brats acting all big and macho on the interwebs(watch this example

    Youtube thumbnail


    Anyway, i hope i helped you clarify why certain things are like this. If you look at the internet now and think, something somewhere, some time in the past went really wrong, such wannabe macho brats are all over the internet, stroking their e-peen and talking smack and getting away with it.

    Hope i was of help! Good luck!

    Source(s): I lives on the interwebs in the past and i has experienece! - That's what it's all about kinda, at least on the mainstream sites. I used to be part of the internet world, but i don't know, i didn't end up like that lol :D, be polite and treat people equally and the internet will be a great experience.
  • 9 years ago

    thats the reason why i have male names when i game (like my PSN does not give away that im female even my icon is off a guy) i dont like to be treated differently, only time people realise is when im on mic, and i tend to mute everyone straight away anyways apart from my friends.

    their are alot more female gamers than what appears i imagine alot of them do what i do for the same reason, we are still very much outnumbered though.

    Source(s): Hard core female gamer, actually im surprised im even answering this and not playing a game right now! lol!!
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