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1. The picture below is of

A. The Colosseum

B. A pyramid

C. An Aquaduct

D. The Parthenon

2. An immediate result of the fall of the Roman Empire was

A. A renewed interest in education and the arts

B. A period of disorder and weak central government

C. An increase in trade and manufacturing

D. The growth of cities and dominance by the middle class

3. The ancient Greek city state of Sparta

A. Was primarily concerned with the health of their people

B. Was a powerful military state

C. Granted universal suffrage to their people

D. Placed great emphasis on literature and the arts

4. After the fall of Rome, the eastern portion of the Roman Empire became known as the

A. Persian Empire

B. Byzantine Empire

C. Mongol Empire

D. Gupta Empire

5. The ancient Athenians are credited with

A. Inventing and using the wheel

B. Eliminating slavery

C. Establishing governments that had democratic elements

D. Inventing the printing press

6. A major contribution of the Roman Republic to Western European culture was the

A. Concept of governments by laws

B. Belief that political power should be controlled by the military

C. Establishment of agricultural communities

D. Rejection of the concept of slavery

7. Which part of the American government today gets its name from Ancient Rome?

A. House of Representatives

B. Senate

C. Supreme Court

D. President

8. The Olympics were a sporting event as well as a way for Greeks to keep fit for war. What was another purpose of the games?

A. To bring peace and unity to the Greek city-states

B. A religious festival dedicated to the gods

C. A place for women and men to come together for celebrations and entertainment

D. All of the above

9. What was the class with the most privileges in Rome society?

A. Mercenaries

B. Patricians

C. Plebians

D. Slaves

10. Who ruled Athens during its’ Golden Age when the Parthenon was built?

A. Socrates

B. Pericles

C. Phidas

D. Herodotus

11. What was the problem that neither Augustus nor the emperors who followed him never solved?

A. How to build a great network of roads

B. How to insure an orderly succession of power

C. How to effectively organize the Roman legions

D. Where to find the necessary workers

12. Which culture most influenced ancient Rome?

A. India

B. China

C. Egypt

D. Greece

13. Why is the period between 27BC and 180AD known as the Pax Romana?

A. The philosophy of Epicurus of Athens became dominant during this time.

B. The Christian religion became the dominant religion of the empire at this time.

C. Diocletian saved the empire by dividing into 2 portions.

D. It was a time of peace and prosperity within the Roman Empire.

14. Which is the world’s oldest religion?

A. Hinduism

B. Buddhism

C. Judaism

D. Christianity

15. What is the Koran?

A. The holy book of Islam

B. The first Russian capital

C. The University of Constantinople

D. The center of Muslim Civilization built by the Abbasids

E. The holy books of Judaism

16. Who do Muslims believe Allah was?

A. The God of the Hindus

B. The God of the Hebrews and Christians

C. The God of the Vikings

D. The God of the Chinese

E. The God of the Indians

17. What are the basic tenets of the Islamic faith?

A. The Four Noble Truths

B. The Five Pillars

C. The One Absolute Law

D. The Three Wise Sayings

18. Whereas Christianity believes in the Bible and Jesus, Judaism believes in the ___________ and ______________.

A. Torah, Moses

B. Mandate, Confucius

C. Quran, Muhammad

D. Veda, Brahman

19. Five times a day, Muslims pray toward which holy city?

A. Medina

B. Baghdad

C. Mecca

D. Jerusalem

20. Four of the five major world faiths (religions) share a belief in:

A. The divinity of Jesus

B. Polytheistic gods

C. Monotheism

D. Muhammad as the most recent prophet

21. Mohammad lived and created the Islamic religion in which century?

A. 8th BC (700’s)

B. 1st AD (0-100)

C. 7th AD(600’s)

D. 13th AD (1200’s)

22. Which religion believes in a caste system and has writings called Vedas?

A. Islam

B. Hinduism

C. Judaism

D. Christianity

23. Which religion started in India with the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama?

A. Islam

B. Hinduism

C. Judaism

D. Buddhism

24. Beliefs in reincarnation, the Four Noble Truths, and Nirvana characterize which of the following religions?

A. Islam

B. Hinduism

C. Judaism

D. Buddhism

Short Response: Please respond to the following in 1 paragraph. Type your response in the answer section above.

In a well developed paragraph, explain three ancient Greek contributions to modern civilization. Make sure to provide specific examples/details to support your ideas.

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