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Oregonians: What do you see in Chris Dudley?

He has no plans. Looking at his website, his position statements are some of the vaguest I've ever seen. He's not even taking his campaign seriously enough to so much and participate in the opening debate. Does he seriously think that he can be governor without having a stance on the issues? Isn't that what Ted K. did? Ted K. didn't really make any of his own decisions as governor, and look at where we are now? Dudz seems to be shaping up for the same thing. He doesn't seem to know what he thinks. What would happen if he became governor? JKitz is a trusted leader, and we know that he has written more budgets than anyone in the state, and he led us to great financial prosperity. That is because he knows what he's doing. So, why is this race even close?

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    I'm not too fond of John Kitzhaber. I feel like he's already had his time, and now he's just getting older. I really want a fresh face in Oregon Politics, but I'm not sure if Dudley is the one. I mean, way better than Mannix, that's for sure. But I really need to know where Dudley stands on the Social Issues. The most important for me is his position on Assisted Suicide and Medical Marijuana.

    Anyway to answer your question, the reason the race is close is because Oregon is over-run by Democrats. Democrats have a super majority in the state House and Senate, and ALL state-wide offices are held by Democrats. Four of the Five congressional seats are controlled by Democrats. Personally, I am very happy about my vote for Obama and Merkley. I think they are both doing some great work. But Kulongoski, eh... Kitzhaber, eh... Dudley, eh..... I just hope Chris Dudley is not a crazy neo-con. If he's liberal on social issues, I will probably vote for him. if not, I will hesitantly vote for Kitzhaber.

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