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How safe are charter airplanes?

well ive only riden an airplane once before this and it was the big ones and i just wanna know are the little ones safe im riding with us airways

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    Small charter airplanes are as safe as the larger airplanes because the principles of flight apply the same to the small aircraft as well as to the larger aircraft.

    Once you understand how flight is obtained by different pressures applied to either side of the airfoil you will be more comfortable in flight.

    Please spend a few moments reviewing this page.

    One of best ways I could ever suggest to understand and feel how an airplane flies and behaves would be to take a "Discovery Flight" at your local FBO (Fixed Base Operator) or by some Operation - Flight services))

    Before flight, a good compassionate Instructor will walk your around the airplane in a "Pre-Flight" to explain the control surfaces and explanation of what different pieces do in the performance of the flight. This is a great time to place your hands on and feel the airplane to gain a perspective actually of what you will be flying when you are in the air. Then when you get in to to prepare for the flight, you will have a mental awareness of what you are in. Kind of like washing your car for the first time, you massage each and every curve and memorize it.

    Taking someone flying for the first time is kind of like cooking calamari,,, if it is done right,,, it turns out beautifully. If proper preparation isn't performed and it is rushed,, it is ruined!

    Hey,, you want a true connection? I know that even after 911 getting this done is sometimes next to impossible,,, but if your wait around until after everyone has gotten off of the airplane, you can stick your head into the cockpit and announce yourself as a newbie,, and that you would love to take a look at where it all happens! Usually,, and I mean, even now, the pilots are more than eager to let you peek in and at least view the "office"! It helps connect, believe me.

    Careful,, this may be addicting! You may become interested in flight! =))

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    If the small airplane is actually flown by US Airways pilots, you should have the same level of safety. If it is flown by a regional airline to which US Airways has contracted the flight, safety is reduced by a factor of eight or so, mainly because the pilots on regional airlines are generally far less experienced than those on the majors, and because safety requirements in general for regional airlines are less stringent.

    This is only a relative difference, though. Overall, air travel is still quite safe. But it's not as safe with a regional airline as it is with a major national airline.

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    Regardless of the plane, US airways will only hire pilots who have the license required and a satisfactory amount of hours of aeronautical experience (flying a plane). Having said that, once a pilot is hired, he or she will be specially trained in order to fly a specific plane safely, and to know what to do in the very rare case of an emergency.

    Smaller planes typically are less stable big planes- only that turbulence will be more evident, and it may not be as comfortable if you do experience it, but that just puts the pilots more aware of the situation and possible dangers.

    If a plane was dangerous in any way, they would of found the flaw before being put onto the market, planes generally take decades of planning and testing before being released into the tough market of aviation.

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    the bigger Boeing should be more beneficial sturdy, inspite of the undeniable fact that it continues to be purely a gadget - something can take position, and that is easily scary if something in basic terms may be incorrect up there, yet i thoroughly savor flying besides

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    Don't believe that is correct

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    It takes ten seconds for the yahoo answers page to open for me to be able to click on the [add your answer] button. is my laptop slow?

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