What does APM stand for in a civil hearing?

This is a divorce jury trial

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    Acronym Definition

    APM Advanced Power Management

    APM Association of Professors of Medicine

    APM Association for Project Management (UK)

    APM Application-Performance Management

    APM Actions Per Minute (gaming)

    APM Associação Paulista de Medicina (Brazil)

    APM Application Portfolio Management

    APM Associação de Professores de Matemática (Portugal)

    APM Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine

    APM Asset Performance Management

    APM Alpha Pi Mu (engineering honor society)

    APM Automated People Movers

    APM Anti-Personnel Mine

    APM Assistant Project Manager

    APM Associação de Pais e Mestres (Brazil)

    APM Association of Project Managers

    APM Agence de Presse Médicale

    APM Administered Pricing Mechanism

    APM Australian Police Medal

    APM Attached Pressurized Module

    APM Amerix Precious Metals Corporation

    APM Assistant Program Manager

    APM Active Policy Management

    APM Application Programming Model

    APM Airborne Particulate Matter

    APM Association for Palliative Medicine

    APM Asociación Psicoanalítica Mexicana

    APM Automatic Pricing Mechanism

    APM Ascent Particle Monitor (Space Shuttle)

    APM Amplitude and Phase Modulation

    APM Antenna Pointing Mechanism

    APM Alliance for a Paving Moratorium

    ?????APM Alternative Payment Method

    APM Analog Personality Module (Cisco)

    APM Automated Performance Measurement

    APM Automated Program Management Information System

    APM Advanced Propagation Model

    APM Association for Psychoanalytic Medicine

    APM Adaptable Process Model

    APM Alternative Pest Management

    APM Aircraft Personality Module

    APM Associate Program Manager

    APM Analog Panel Meter

    APM Acquisition Program Manager

    APM Accounts Payable Management (Sprint)

    APM Advanced Program Management (DoD)

    APM Accredited Payables Manager

    APM Accounts Payable Module

    APM Additive Pulse Modelocked (type of laser)

    APM Agricultures Paysannes et Modernisation (French)

    APM Army Program Memorandum

    APM Acquisition Project Manager

    APM Australian Property Monitor (Australia)

    APM Association of Podiatrists of Malta

    APM Advanced Penetration Model

    APM Account and Profile Manager

    APM Argument Principle Method

    APM Axial Power Monitor

    APM All Pilots Meeting

    APM Asynchronous Process Manufacturing

    APM Advanced Power Module (IBM OS/2)

    APM Air Particulate Monitor

    APM Adaptive Penalty Method

    APM Atmospheric Passivation Module (semiconductor industry)

    APM Account and Profile Management

    APM Acoustic Protective Measures

    APM Additional Packet Mode Bearer Service (CCITT I.122)

    APM Air Program Manager

    APM ALARA Protective Measure

    APM Accumulated Path Metric

    APM Aluminum Powder Metallurgy

    APM Airport Passenger Management

    APM Alarm Panel Monitor

    APM Agency Procedures Manual

    APM Administrative Processor Module (Telabs)

    APM Admissible Probability Measures

    APM Application Presentation Means

    APM Aircraft Power Monitor (US Navy E-2C Hawkeye aircraft)

    APM Atmospheric Pressure Mass Spectroscopy

    APM Applications Portability Module

    APM Amplifier Pump Module (Ciena)

    APM Analog Performance Monitoring (Ciena)

    APM Array Position Message

    APM Antenna Pointing Management

    APM Asynchronous Payload Mapper (ANSI)

    APM Annorum Plus Minus (Latin: More or Less (Years Old), Codices and Manuscripts)

    APM Autoridad Portuaria de Málaga (Málaga Port Authority, Spain)

    APM Alignment Procedures Manual

    APM Advanced Pressurized Module

    APM Anti Parallax Mirror

    APM Ammonia/Peroxide Mix (semiconductor wafer manufacturing)

    APM Advanced Packaging Materials: Processes, Properties and Interface (conference)

    APM Automatic Parsing Module

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