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With JJ redick going back to the Magic, who do the bulls have left?

I think they have around $14 million left in cap space

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    Ronnie Brewer is still available, adding T-Mac doesn't hurt also as he's a good teammate. Resigning Brad is a must... or they get Shaq to compete against Orlando. Still plenty of alternatives with that much money the Bulls can build a great team that can contend with anybody.

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    What up Matt H, For despite reason the Magic have been incredibly insistent on preserving JJ. The final 2 years JJ has been asking for a commerce because of the fact he replaced into dropping way on the Magic bench- however the Magic have refused to commerce him for some reason. area of the rationalization it replaced into reported that he wasn't getting taking part in time replaced into that Stan Van Gundy replaced into no longer chuffed with Reddick's protection. because of the shortcoming of exposure i do no longer recognize which you would be waiting to get a typical around %. for Reddick, even though it could be worth determining to purchase around in case you could desire to get what you prefer. i think of Orlando certainly properly shop Reddick and he can actually have a shot to compete for the beginning interest on the three. With Hedo Turkgolu asserting that he will choose out for unfastened business enterprise that's possible that Reddick takes the three, Rashard is going to the 4, and the Magic attempt to receive a real 4 and that could then make Reddick like a 6th guy for the Magic (form of like a Jason Kapono variety participant) who can fill interior the gaps at the two and 3 positions. Damion James is going back to college yet i think of Taj Gibson could be a great %.-up... i'm certainly hoping the Lakers could desire to %. him up. Nickster

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    They need to resign Brad Miller for 3 mil

    Sign Eddie House to back up d rose for 3 mil

    And sign either Josh Howard, T mac, or Richard Jefferson with the other 6 mil

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    Yeah the bulls were going to sign him but the magic matched their offer, I think the bulls gave him 3 years 20 million but apparently Orlando matched it, good move by the magic.

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  • 10 years ago

    Adam Morrison. He's a sleeper. In the right environment he can be a superstar. Also Kobe Bryant nut-sucking bandwagoners need to stfu and jump off a cliff.

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    Trade for Reggie Williams. That dude a $tud!!

  • 10 years ago

    Theres this kid Matt Channing playing in the summer league. Check him out!

  • Anonymous
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    i think they can probably get richerd jegerson for 8 millon get tracey mcrady for 6 ml or they can take a chance on allen iverson but i dont think they will do that

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Their best option is probably to sign Tracy McGrady.

  • 10 years ago

    they bet too hard on lebron and are paying the consequence now...they will be lucky to make top 12 in east!

    Thhey have no one really!

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