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which U.S. supreme court case recognized the need for emergency searches without a warrant?


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    It wasn't Camara. The Camara case gives municipal authorities the right to inspect a private dwelling for violations of municipal codes such as fire codes, health codes, housing ordinances, etc. The must get a warrant prior to such a search, but they need not present probable cause to the judge that violations exist. They can present evidence such as the extended time since the last inspection, the general condition of neighboring dwellings, etc. So Camara does not address emergency searches. In fact, no search anticipated by the Camara case would ever be an emergency.

    Look here for cases that would better support warrantless entry in an emergency:

    Minnesota v. Olsen

    United States v. Santan

    Warden v. Hayden

    Thompson v. Louisiana

    Mincey v. Arizona

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    Off the top of my head I'd say Terry v. Ohio, but I'm not going to research to do your homework.

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