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The Knick Big Three v. Miami Heat Big Three?

well chris paul is pushin for a trade to the knicks, and melo says he wants to play in new york. giving them paul, melo, amare.

well this is what i think, i think there the poor-mans version of the south beach assassins.

here's my match-ups

D Wade> Paul d wade would kill paul

Lebron> Melo cant play D

Chris Bosh> Amare amare cant hang with the best of the bset of pf's in the league, only scrubs

so comment on what u think

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Heat big 3 because lebron is better than the other 5 players.

  • shuey
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    4 years ago

    What up Ball do no longer lie, i think of there are 2 techniques the place we are able to evaluate this particularly: (a million) Playoff time- it might distinctly be impressive if those 2 communities face one yet another. (2) next season- the Knicks have in basic terms been jointly for a hand-crammed with video games-- they are nevertheless fath and happy form of like the warmth have been in basic terms some weeks back- we choose extra time to work out if any egos and different issues come out. i think of the version is that Amare and Billups have on no account been the #a million men- and so Carmelo is the clean #a million- even nevertheless Bosh is the clean #3- Bosh, LeBron and Wade have all been #a million men- and so. jointly as the Knicks have much less of a propensity for egos to conflict- we choose some extra time and a conceivable long dropping streak to work out how they might cope. Nickster

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sorry bro but Paul has great passing skills. He can also get to the basket.. Wade explode also.

    Wade 60 - Paul 40

    I don't agree. Carmelo is the second most dangerous offensive player after Kobe. Despite what you think. Lebron also is a bad defender. Getting fast break blocks doesn't count.. Carmelo also isn't a good defender but he is a better scorer then Lebron. Stats not counting.

    Lebron 51 - Carmelo 49

    Amar'e is way better then Bosh. Better defender, better scorer better rebounder. Once again what Shaq said about Bosh..

    " He's the Repaul of big men. "

    Amare 80 - Bosh 20..

    Bo basically adding thoseratioss its 131 for the heat & 169..Becausee Amare will just abuse Bosh and drop 30 when ever he wants.

  • Aubrey
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    1 decade ago

    Knicks dont have a big three?

    Heat has a dream team.


    But for your question miami would win.

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  • bubba
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    1 decade ago

    You got it right. Knicks might have more to go with their big 3.

  • 1 decade ago

    Umm.. Chris Paul says he wants to be in New Orleans...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You realize there is alcoholic beverages at weddings, right?

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