Obama has ordered that insurance companies give away free health screenings and consults, Who is going to pay?

for these freebies, as he is forbidding any co-payments are to be charged? Is this how he intends to drive out businesses and put big government in control?
Update: oohboth: It has been made LAW!
Update 3: Confusion over: My eyes are wide open to what this president is doing to control every aspect of our lives, and control over businesses.
Update 4: L.T.M., You are not the only one who wants this idiot and all of his idiot cronies out of office, and I hope Bug is joking!
Update 5: Becca: Amen!

Paul: Right as usual!
Update 6: Scales of Justice: Good one!
Update 7: Drew: That's what I am afraid of......
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