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Is Thailand weird (because of ladyboys etc.)?

My friend tells me if go see him in Thailand one thing I must not miss is ladyboys. Like, why? A guy in a dress, yes? Or is my friend not telling me something... he is (or was) straight. And is this more worrying than the fact he thinks there will be a war there soon?

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    What is there to worry about in that?? - - No, it is not weird, but I am beginning to think your friend is.

    It is fun here. Thai like to have fun. There are many ladyboys. It is no big deal.

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    You might find it quite liberal sexually here - more so than your home country. Orientation is not a big deal. I was at a friends yesterday and I remember a couple of yrs ago her telling me her 10 yr old son was maybe going to be a ladyboy - he is now 12 and he enjoys doing the laundry and housework - which she appreciates cause she does not. He is a nice kid and she is very happy with him. Maybe if he were in another country this inclination would be suppressed. Another thing of mention was that many of the men here are slight in build and there was not that much difference, not too big a jump physically. The one ladyboy I know in USA is 6' tall and 250 lbs - But they are quite accepted here, not unusal to find working as a waitress or whatever - they are often quite pretty when they are young - i do feel a bit sorry for the older ones - not so attractive when they become ladymen - as the masculine tends to kick in a bit more as they pass 30 or so.

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    Ladyboy's are human being's and we have some very good LB friend's. Sometime it is very hard to tell if they are women all not but if you are polite and ask they will tell you so there will be no problem's. Alyways be polite and respectful to any Thai. Ladyboy's , Gay's and Lesbian's are accepted in Thailand so you should do the same.

    There will be no Civil War in Thailand. Yes there were protests by the Red Shirt's and sadly there were some death's but 99 % of them are hard working people who were protesting for better living conditions and pay. I am a Farang Westerner and have made many friend's in Thailand so please enjoy this wonderful countries culture, scenery and food and have a wonderful time there.

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    Lady boys can be found all over Thailand and especially in tourists hot spots, were they can make good money for acting in tiffany shows, working in bars/nightclubs, etc.

    Lady boys are very much accepted in Thailand and there isn't any shame, unlike in the west where people are likely to make fun of them. They tend to be unique in the sense that they are originally a man, but have the appearance of a female.

    I would definitely recommend going to a tiffany show when you are in Thailand, they are unique and an amazing experience. Lady boys aren't my thing, but the ones I have come across tend to be funny and bubbly people and I don't have any issues with them.

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    Nope, ladyboys grow up to be ladymen and on to be lady persons, many of whom had become prime ministers of Thailand and did great services for the country!

    Dear Ann, so sorry. You remind me of a story where the girl said: "My husband ran away with another man!"

    Source(s): They wish they were a girlie, just like their dear papa...
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    Some of the ladyboys look better then ladies and you probably won't know the difference. They can be a site to see. They are more then "a guy in a dress".

    Source(s): Many trips to Thailand.
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    It's not the lady boys or what in Thai they call Katoeys that are weird. It's the tourist that come here looking for them that is weird.

    They are accepted here as a third gender. You will find two types of lady boys here. Those who work the sex trade, beware of these, they are only out to get your money, they will rob, drug you and rob you, gang up and attack you trying to steal your wallet, Then you have the regular lady boys, these are not interested in you, and are very nice people, you will find them most friendly and helpful. You will see many of them working in the retail shops and stores in Thailand. Respect them they are no threat to you.

    Source(s): me, living in Thailand
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    Thailand is not weird its the western world that's weird. Judging people by their sexuality.

    Most tourist's only see the lady boy prostitutes, or at the spectacular shows where they look more like girls than real girls. Boys in a dress, Ha Ha

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    Here's some pictures from the Miss International Queen Pagent (ladyboys). You can be straight and enjoy the ladyboy show.

    Source(s): The Taliban tries to dictate what you can wear, read or look at or associate with.
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    Make sure you pack plenty of condoms. Unlike America, the third world is full of AIDS and other terrible diseases. Also watch out for people drugging drinks and food, then robbing you or worse. Holiday at home in America - safe clean and we speak your language. PLUS we need to keep every cent here.

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