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Frankfurt Airport-Train connection?

I'm flying into Frankfurt (from Shanghai) later this year and connecting by train to Stuttgart. I'm due to arrive at 5.45am at Frankfurt, will an hour be enough to clear customs, collect luggage and board the train to stuttgart at this time?

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    One hour might be a bit tight depending on how fast you get your luggage at the luggage claim and how fast you get trough customs it also is of importance if you are an EU or non EU citizen.

    Since you come from outside the EU there are sometimes very thorough luggage checks mostly if you are a non EU citizen.

    To be sure I would calculate with 1 hour and a half or even two hours.

    Trains from frankfurt airport to Stuttgart go very often so nothing to worry about.

  • It's a tight schedule if you want to get on the 6:54am train leaving from Frankfurt Fernbahnhof (train station at the airport, will take you about 15 min. walk from Terminal 1 when pulling all your luggage - not included time in case you arrive on Terminal 2 from where are sky train connection as well as bus connection > follow the signs which are hard to find!). this ICE train will run through Stuttgart without changing trains in Mannheim.

    So I recommend a later train. The next one leaves 7:54am but you must change at Mannheim but no problems to catch connection train because both trains wait for each other (well, they should...) and they meet at the same platform. You only have to run over to the opposite side across the platfom. But this is stressing when you have lots or/and heavy luggage. And you only have 6 minutes time!

    In case you don't want to change trains I recommend the one which leaves 8:54am. This would give you enough time to collect luggage, going through the customs and getting to the train. It even gives you enough time having a coffee in between.

    I know what I'm talking about because I'm often travelling from Stuttgart to Frankfurt airport and back when flying to Australia. And I know that delays on planes as well as collecting lugguage, going through customs and getting to the train may blow up all your schedules making you sweat.

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    Just offer a bj or bend over for the guys at customs that might help to be faster

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    At that time is when most international flights get in. I would give yourself extra time especially if you don't speak the language. If you go to the main Bahnhof in the airport terminal and buy your ticket there they will help you. It is more a matter on when the train from the Frankfurt Bahnhof leaves for Stuttgart, usually they run every hour.

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