What are weekly claims for unemployment?

This is the first time I've ever had to file for unemployment, and I can't find a site that actually tells me exactly WHAT weekly claims are.

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    If you'd told us in which state you are applying for benefits, we could have told you exactly where to look. The best I can give you without that information is a general idea.

    You need to file for UI benefits on a weekly basis. Sometimes you do it on-line, sometimes by mail. You tell the UI dept. that you are still unemployed and still want to claim benefits. Or you might tell them that you've gotten a part time job, what your earnings are for the week, and they will calculate your reduced benefit amount. Unless you claim weekly, you will not get benefits. (Mind you, in CA, you claim weekly benefits but do it 2 weeks at a time).

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    A weakly claim is when you claim to have not been payed to work during the period of that week. You have applied to at least 3 places,You have not had a job offer, you have not turned down a job, and you were available to work any job at any pay. If you lie and they find out, you can get in trouble and even end up in jail. The unemployment office should send you a phone number and website to call and make your claims. In Texas, claims are done every 2 weeks for claims to the previous two weeks. Hope this helps.

    Source(s): I have been getting help with the unemployment office for 3 months now.
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    Go to your state's website and look for "benefit amount" or "benefit table." It's based on your highest quarterly earnings of the last four.

    For example, in CA you can find it here:


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